When I saw Eiza Gonzalez on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of her new film ‘Ambulance’ on Monday (April 4), the first thing that came to mind is that she punked us.

Not that I mind, because she looks so much better as a brunette.

When it comes to this outing, I’m only liking everything from the neck up.

I would’ve brought into Fendi’s Spring 2022 Couture eternal aesthetics of classical Rome and futurism theme, had the colours not clashed.

The red and navy draped elements work together, but the cream embroidered bustier and skirt feel like they are on an island on their own.

What I do admire about this look, is how Eiza isn’t taking the safe options, which she could do with her eyes closed.

Fendi Spring 2022 Couture

Credit: Vogue.com & Getty

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