Joey King made a return to the spotlight by kick starting her promo tour for ‘Bullet Train’ in Paris on Saturday (July 16), before moving onto Berlin today (July 19).

The actress seems to be going through somewhat of a rebellious phase fashion-wise, and I’m intrigued to see where it takes her.

You weren’t the biggest fan of her previous red carpet look, and I have a feeling that eyebrows will be raised upon seeing the actress wearing this Materiel leather suit with the Didu bralette on account of the underboob.

Personally, I’m not bothered by underboob, I think the whole look is cohesive and she’s wearing it well.

This caramel Gods True Cashmere and H&M look stood out for not fitting into the darker aesthetic of the other looks.

The KQK webbed threaded top managed to keep this look just about on track.

My personal favourite from the press tour so far is this Kenzo look which she wore during a press junket in Paris.

I particularly love the pinstripe trousers which the designers’ tailoring expertise is reflected through.

As we’ve seen recently, the androgynous aesthetic isn’t just wearing trousers and opting for no makeup, you have to full embody the look from head-to-toe which Joey does.

The Thom Browne shoe added yet more character to the look.

For the Paris premiere Joey a full Thom Browne which perfectly represented the designers subversive take on tailoring.

I’m sure you’ll debate whether the tail of the sheer skirt needed to be so long, or visible at all, but what is Thom Browne design without a talking point?

Today she was in Berlin for a photocall at the Akademie der Kuenste where she wore a Paco Rabanne black dress.

Usually by this point in a promo tour I would be screaming, where is the summer look?  Where is the colour?  But much like her previous looks, it’s the overall attitude and styling which sells this look to me.

Credit: JaredEng/Instagram

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