Expressing Your Personality Through Fashion and Interior Design

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Fashion and Interior Design are two things that truly speak and show someone’s personality and style. From a woman who has a love for both we recently sat down with Jaimie of Jaimie Anand Interiors and discussed how the two go hand in hand.

When it comes to both Fashion and Interiors, people tend to think they have to follow trends or do what everyone else is doing. This is definitely not the case especially if one is trying to let their design show their personality and character.

We asked Jaimie about the top 5 things that come to her mind when comparing fashion and interior design.

1. Expression of One’s Personality

Both fashion and interior design definitely let a person express themselves and show personality. Both are a form of art so everyone’s style will be very different. We enjoy working with our clients because we get to bring out their personal style and love for design.

2. Similar Materials

Designing interiors is very similar to designing clothes. Just like pulling an outfit together is very much like designing a house interior. Fashion is about combining colors, patterns, and textures. Interior design is exactly the same. We love to layer and play with the overall design just like you would do with detailing an outfit. We consider lighting fixtures to a room as jewelry is to an outfit.

3. Accessorizing with Metallics 

When it comes to accessorizing a home Gold has definitely become the metallic of choice. It tends to add warmth and a cozy feeling to a room and just like with fashion, it completely elevates a look. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, we are definitely seeing a lot of brass hardware being bought in.

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4. Adding the Perfect Pop of Color

Just like you would do with an outfit and add a pop color, whether it be with a bag, shoes, or piece of clothing, the same goes for interiors. We love to add pops of color through pillows, accent furniture, and bold decor.

5. Trends

Like anything in design, trends come around yearly. Although we love a good trend, keep in mind these are always changing, and even though with fashion it’s ok to go with some of these, with Interior design you aren’t always going to want to replace things as they go out of style. My advice would be to follow some but for the most part, keep a classic and timeless feel to your space.

A favorite quote from the great Coco Chanel that stands true to both: “Don’t be like the rest of them, Darling”!

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