Unless you opt for a trim every few weeks (and sometimes even if you do), chances are you’ve dealt with your fair share of split ends. They often contribute to the hair growth struggle and can easily occur if you’ve colored your hair or use heat to style on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of split ends, keep reading for our top tips!

What Causes Split Ends?

It’s not “if” you’ll get split ends, but rather “when.” Everything from over washing to heat styling, color services and basic everyday wear and tear contribute to this pesky occurrence. Split ends happen when hair is damaged and dry, which is what causes the strand to split. While we can’t always completely stop split ends from happening there are tried and true ways to cut down on their frequency and appearance.  

Daily Habits

Visiting the salon is one of the best ways to instantly rid hair of split ends, however, you’ve also got to switch up your daily habits to ensure healthy-looking locks. For at-home maintenance, hair needs to be thoroughly cleansed but not overly stripped. We recommend alternating a deep cleansing shampoo with a moisturizing option. 

Product Picks: 

KEVIN.MURPHY MAXI.WASH for a deep cleanse.

Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo and Conditioner for a highly moisturizing luxurious lather.

Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo  Redken All Soft Mega Conditioner

All too often, we over-wash hair when the scalp begins to feel greasy, which can actually cause ends to dry out. The problem here is that it doesn’t actually treat the problem at hand. The real culprit is usually an accumulation of product buildup that wasn’t properly washed out to begin with. 

The solution? Co-washing! It is also a great gentle option for daily use. However, if you rely on dry shampoos, hair sprays or anything with wax then you’ll need the occasional deeper cleanse for both strands and scalp to avoid build-up.

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself and your strands to quality treatments and products any chance you get! From gloss treatments like Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside to deep conditioning treatments like Keune Miracle Elixir or Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Express Post-Color Treatment, healthy hair helps guard against damage while also creating a perfectly shiny finish. To get the most out of treatments, look for a combination of protein, moisture and a balancing formula to optimize the pH level of your hair! 

Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside Keune Miracle Elixir Treatment Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Express Post-Color Treatment

Turn Down The Heat

A daily stressor that you can easily adjust is the effect heat styling or UV exposure has on your hair. It can be a great idea to invest in a few heat protectors that also double up for UV protection. 

Product Picks:

Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image and Redken Quick Blowout for heat styling.

Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image  Redken Quick Blowout

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray before exposing hair to the sun.

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray

Book Consistent Trims

Instead of waiting for all of your split ends to show up before booking a haircut appointment, chat with your stylist about the best timing to get ahead of the curve. This will help hair feel and style infinitely better, color look shinier and actually help hair grow longer. 

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