For some of you, you may finally be stepping away from an unhealthy working environment. Think about what it would take for you to feel truly happy within the parameters of your career. Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, and not everyone is meant to work at a desk. There is more gray space available to you than you’re willing to acknowledge at this time; without some time off to gain perspective, you may wind up making a decision that doesn’t align with your true desires.

February 2022

The Tower: My twins, February is going to be filled with breakdowns and breakthroughs. Try not to worry too much about how or what this is going to affect; instead trust that you will be able to handle this drastic change no matter what! You are in a pivotal moment of your life. Whether or not you are aware, this is going to be a month that changes the course of it. Remember that if it’s not this, it’s something (or someone) better. 

Some of you may be relinquishing part of your freedom in order to make a job, relationship, or new family dynamic work. Remember that in order for you to be truly free, you must have a solid foundation that you can return to. Focus on laying this foundation in February, even if you have to go brick by brick. Ask your community to support you in moments of need and watch how deeply you will be rewarded for your vulnerability. You’ve got this, Gemini. Even in your hardest moments, you are not alone.

January 2022

The Lovers: Gemini, January is meant to be about your heart space and finding forgiveness for yourself and others. If you’ve left things on a difficult note with people from your past, I see a lot of you coming to terms with where you could have been more accountable. If it doesn’t feel right for you to reach out to the people from your past, the very least you can do is treat the people in your present better as a way to create change. All we have is this moment here and now, and you deserve to enjoy it. Don’t let your past pain or mistakes loom over you in 2022, as this will be a year of authentic, honest connections of all kinds. Instead of living life on the edge of your seat, can you start to get comfortable with rooting, grounding down, and dedicating to who and what you care about?

For some of you, I see opportunities for furthering your education, speaking at public engagements, presentations, and even publications for some. You have worked hard, studied, and prepared for this moment. Do not let it slip away due to fear or self-doubt. You may even start to host or start an organization for something you care about.

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