The debate on which one is better, denim or leather, has been going on for ages. Truth is, both these materials have their pros and cons, and both deserve a place in your closet. Depending on the occasion, season, and the wearer’s personal preferences, the timeless rivalry might seem neverending.

Let’s talk in-depth about leather and denim, so you can decide for yourself which one is superior.

What’s denim? How to style it?

Protection, durability and seasonality of denim

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The denim textile has relatively fair weather protection. In general, it could be a good solution to keep warm in cold months. However, as a fabric, it does not have insulating properties and is also very absorbent and non-resistant to rain and snow. The material is breathable and lightweight, making it a great choice for warm months.

Denim is also more vulnerable and less durable than leather, way easier to tear and damage. But that does not mean it is flimsy. In fact, denim is more durable than most fabrics. The longevity of denim mainly depends on how often you wear it and how you maintain your apparel.

Denim versatility

Denim clothes are extremely versatile. No matter how many fashion trends come and go through the years, denim jackets and jeans are timeless pieces of clothing. They can be combined with all types of everyday attire. You can freely wear them in almost any casual social setting. Denim is only inappropriate for sports, business, and formal events.

Denim maintenance

The most popular fabric in the world is extremely easy to maintain. Just wash your denim clothes regularly, no need for other unusual treatments. There are also no special storage requirements for denim. 

H2: What’s leather? How to style it?

Protection, durability and seasonality of leather

denim or leather

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Leather stands out with exceptional protection qualities with adequate water and cold resistance. The material is extremely hard to tear and way more durable, compared to the denim fabric. Leather apparel is also insulating. It successfully shields from drizzles, winds, and light snow. 

On top of that, comfy outerwear garments provide extra warmth during winter. If your winter clothing has fur lining, rest assured your leather attire can keep you from freezing. In summer, leather jackets are only appropriate if you live in an area with a cold climate. If you maintain your leather clothing right, it would easily last for more than ten years. 

Leather versatility

Just like denim, leather is also a very versatile material. You can wear your favorite leather jacket or trousers almost anywhere. Leather is quite appropriate for work, social events, partying, dates, and hanging out with friends. The only thing to remember is to refrain from going to sport and formal events since leather is not dress-code appropriate there. 

Leather maintenance

Maintenance-wise, leather requires more care and attention than denim. Cleaning it can hardly be done at home since leather is not washing machine safe. Typically you would need to send your clothes to the dry cleaning. Keep the garments in a cold and dry closet, and avoid damp storage conditions. 

Which material is better according to the occasion?

Denim and Leather Jackets

Denim jackets are everyday garments that can brighten up even the most basic spring and autumn attire. Wear your jacket in combination with your casual clothes to elevate your look. Thanks to the versatile nature of denim, you can accessorize any way you see fit. Just be careful not to denim-overload (have too many denim items in one outfit).

Leather jackets are a timeless hit. People never got tired of wearing biker-style and bomber jackets over their casual, work-friendly, streetwear, and even athletic outfits. Thus, as long as you are not trying to style formalwear, chances are your clothing combinations would turn out successful. 

Denim and Leather Trousers

Denim trousers, also known as jeans, are probably the most popular type of pants in the world. Everybody owns at least a pair. That is because jeans are super comfy, easy to style, and seamlessly match any type of work-appropriate and casual tops such as camis, tees, shirts, and blouses. 

Leather trousers have a less serious, more fun vibe. You can incorporate them into your outfits for work, but they will always look better with your everyday or party apparel. For a complete chic fit, combine the leather trousers with flashy accessories, bold jewelry, and a matching leather belt. 

Denim and Leather Skirts

Denim skirts are the perfect addition to casual everyday outfits. Wear denim skirts to school or work, and when you go out to have fun with your friends and family. They look good in combination with crop tops, loose shirts, oversized pullovers, and plain tees. Finish your outfit with artsy or boho jewelry, a pretty bag, and comfy flats or platforms. 

Leather skirts are way more sophisticating and stylish. They could make you look like a star on a romantic date, or when partying and clubbing. Throw a cute cami top, elegant shirt, or chic blouse into the mix, and accessorize with charming minimalistic jewelry for best results. 

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