What will the jet-set be buzzing about in the Hamptons this summer? We’ve rounded up the latest luxury trends on the East End — from adorable mini cars for jaunts to the beach to professional vacation packers and a new artist studio you won’t want to miss.

Here’s our Well-To-Do list for the season.

Ma’s House

A 2020 print (from “Sacredness of Hills”) by Jeremy Dennis, $3,000 at Ma’s House.
Ma’s House

Skip the sprawling artists’ retreat rumored to be planned by supergallerists David and Monica Zwirner (said to be circling a site on Lake Montauk) and instead make a visit to Ma’s House this summer.

Artist and Shinnecock Indian Nation member Jeremy Dennis spent the pandemic transforming his late grandmother’s home on the Shinnecock Reservation into a BIPOC artist residency program. Dennis has hosted several creatives so far; visual artist Erica Morales arrives for a stint in May. Locals can make appointments for studio visits and purchase any work on show.

“Even in Southampton, our neighboring town, people often are surprised that we exist and are right next to them,” Dennis tells Alexa. Snag a few for your collection while you can.

Hampton Jollys

A pink car from Hampton Jollys.
Order your very own tiny beach car (price upon request) at Hampton Jollys.
Hampton Jollys

Quogue-based Andrew Fopeano’s interest in classic cars was first piqued as a young man while working at Carriage House Motor Cars in Greenwich, Conn.

This summer, he’s launched his own take on the preppy classic-car biz: Hampton Jollys.

These mini, two-cylinder gadabouts were produced in Italy for just eight years (beginning in 1958) — think of them as the dolce vita-era answer to a golf cart, designed for the Euro jet set to scoot between their yachts and beach houses.

Now Fopeano and co-founder Tori Luyckx have commissioned a new round of Jollys, custom-built in Italy.

Pricing on request, they come with wicker seats, picnic baskets and a choice of seven candy colors. (The hands-down sportiest shade is “Watermelon.”

Packing queen

A packed suitcase
Lisa Frohlich will help pack your luggage for $225 per hour.
Lisa Frohlich

When East Enders need a weekend away, there’s only one woman they trust to pack their (Rimowa and Montblanc) bags: Lisa Frohlich. The chic fashion whiz, who runs @hamptonsnystyle Insta account and newsletter, is the 1 percent’s secret weapon to keeping travel stress-free — all for $225 per hour.

Think of Frohlich as part therapist, part stylist, part butler. “We start off by creating the ‘holy grail’ of spreadsheets, charting each day of your trip,” Frohlich says of her process, which details every planned activity with an earmarked outfit.

Her East End clients try on everything before it’s packed, taking selfies which are then compiled into a lookbook-style album for reference on the road. So you’ll show up looking fabulous, wherever you roam.

Flying gardens

A hummingbird imbibing at a flower.
Landscape designer Edwina von Gal is working to save birdlife in the Hamptons.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Anyone who’s anyone Out East hires Edwina von Gal to mastermind their garden — she’s the go-to green thumb for the likes of Frank Gehry, Ina Garten and Calvin Klein.

Last spring, she launched a campaign to transform luxe greenspaces across the area and beyond: Two-Thirds for the Birds. As she explains, it’s a snappy name for a simple idea: “Two out of every three plants in your landscape should be native, and don’t spray [pesticides].”

This dual effort creates an ideal ecosystem for local birdlife, thanks to the insects that flourish as a result — and are birds’ favorite snacks.

To help stem the loss of our feathered friends (three billion since the 1970s), Von Gal has launched the site 234Birds.org, offering free hints for any Hamptonite keen on adopting the template.

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