As someone who doesn’t have sensitive skin, I was never really scared of the thought of using retinol. So I’ve been using the ingredient in serums and moisturizers for a few years now—but I’ve never tried targeting my undereye area with retinol. That is, until I saw the Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick trending on TikTok this spring. 

I wanted to try Peace Out’s retinol-infused eye stick because I suffer from pretty intense dark circles and had yet to find an eye cream that delivered visible payoff. I was also tired of having to apply concealer underneath my eyes anytime I hopped on a Zoom call or attended an in-person event. Eye puffiness was also a concern of mine; no matter how much sleep I got⁠ or how much salt I limited from my diet, the dark circles just wouldn’t go away. I had reached the tipping point and was desperate to try something new. 

Enter the Peace Out Skincare Retinol Eye Stick, which looks a bit like a lipstick tube, except it’s not for your lips. The balmlike formula is meant to be applied to the areas surrounding your eyes—both underneath and around your eyelids—as a way to treat everything from fine lines to dark circles, puffiness, and dry skin. The product is meant to be safe for all skin types—I have combination skin, and the skin underneath my eyes tends to experience the most dryness—so I felt confident integrating the formula into my routine. 

The eye stick relies three hero ingredients to get the job done: encapsulated retinol for reducing fine lines and dark circles, a power peptide complex for firming and antiaging, and vegan squalane for hydrating parched skin. The ingredient list also includes the antioxidant astaxanthin, which the brand claims (based on various studies) has stronger brightening effects than topical vitamin C. 

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