When you hear the name Bobbi Brown, it’s easy to think about beauty. After all, the makeup artist’s namesake cosmetics line practically revolutionized the industry in the ‘90s after its debut, which ushered in a new era of “less is more” natural makeup. 

Today, Brown’s mission is still very much the same but from a different point of a view. In 2016, she left Bobbi Brown and went on to create Jones Road Beauty in 2020, a clean beauty brand that makes people feel beautiful by enhancing their unique features—not by covering them up. The products are accessible for all ages and makeup skill levels and have even gone viral on TikTok

But Jones Road isn’t the only part of Brown’s evolution. She recently joined celeb-favorite skincare brand Augustinus Bader as chief creative officer, a new role where she will work on creative and product ideation, educational programs, and promotional activations. 

Brown has always taken a holistic approach to beauty and branching out into skincare was a natural progression. “A very dear friend of mine, who used to be my head of finance at Bobbi Brown, was at Augustinus Bader and they sent me The Rich Cream,” Brown tells Glamour. “My skin was really dry, it was the middle of winter, and I’m like, wow, this feels really good. I wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup at the time. It was after I left the old company and I was in transition. I noticed my skin looking better than it’s ever looked.”

Augustinus Bader also became Brown’s go-to for prepping skin before makeup. Her biggest piece of advice for natural-looking skin? Skip primer. “I’m someone that doesn’t believe in primers,” she says. “I think traditional primers end up like a little thick and sometimes silicone-y and I don’t love how it looks. Makeup doesn’t look natural on it.” 

It’s no surprise that her skincare philosophy is similar to her makeup approach. “My routine is about not using too many things,” she says. “I’m a wardrobe dresser. When I find the greatest T-shirts, I just buy tons of them and stick to it. When it comes to my skin care, I don’t have to try a lot because I’m really happy with the regiment I have.”

That’s not to say Brown won’t indulge in a good laser treatment. “I really love lasers, whether it’s tightening or collagen,” she says. “I’m trying a bunch of different ones. I just recently got Morpheus8. It really hurt. You have to get a series of three sessions. I noticed a tighter jawline. It’s supposed to be the only thing that actually really helps the neck. When you’re at a certain age, especially when you’re on TikTok, you want to tighten that neck.”

Ahead, Brown shares her curated lineup of skincare products for Glamour‘s Drop the Routine

My cleanser

I wash my face with The Cleansing Balm by Augustinus Bader. I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore, but it takes the little amount of makeup off. It’s like a cushion on my face. It works really well for me. I like to do one and done. There’s times where I don’t even put a moisturizer on, because my skin just feels nice and cushiony from it. 

Augustinus Bader The Cleansing Balm

My moisturizer

I use The Rich Cream most of the time. I also use Jones Road Beauty Miracle Cream. I like that I instantly look better when I put them on. I love the actives in the Augustinus Bader. I love the instant moisture from the Jones Road Beauty. You know, the two things together for my skin, just make a world of difference.

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Cream

My eye cream

I am using the Jones Road Beauty Eye Cream, because it’s the perfect formula for the Face Pencils.

Jones Road Beauty Eye Cream

My spot treatment

Luckily, I don’t personally use spot treatments, that but there’s people in my house that do. There’s a little acne patch from Squish Beauty in shapes. 

Squish Flower Power Acne Patches

My face oil

The Augustinus Bader Face Oil. It’s quick. A couple drops and you put it on. It’s not heavy at all and I put it on my neck. I like things that are easy to apply and work, so I love the face oil and the body oil. You don’t have to spend a lot of time rubbing it in.

Augustinus Bader Face Oil

My sunscreen

I use Live Tinted Hueguard, which is really nice because it’s not gooey. I also use SuperGoop, which is a little richer, so when it’s super humid, I will go for Live Tinted. I like U Beauty. They have a sunscreen that helps get rid of spots. It’s very, very strong. If I’m ever on the beach, I’ll use it. It’s a little too white for me, so sometimes I’ll mix something in it so it doesn’t look as white, but it’s a really good one.

SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen

U Beauty Multimodal Defender

My lip balm

In my bag, I have the Augustinus Bader Lip Balm and the Lippie Stick, which is a new Jones Road one. There’s a sister, the Hippie Stick, which I use. I’ve always had the Hippie Stick next to my bed because it goes on my heels, it goes on my feet, it goes on my legs, my neck, my chest. I’m one of the lucky ones that gets to layer both brands on top of me.

Augustinus Bader Lip Balm

Jones Road Beauty The Lippie Stick

My devices

NuFace. That’s the one that I use the most. I’ve had it for years. I remember when it first came out, they came to see me and I demoed it to the kids in my office and I’m like, “Look, it lifts your face.” It does work.

NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device

My body care

I’ve recently fallen madly in love with Costa Brazil. It’s so luxurious. They have a coffee scrub that has oil in it. All their oils are good. The products smell amazing. It’s the most beautiful, chic, simple package that I think is out there.

Costa Brazil Exfoliante Para O Corpo

Ariana Yaptangco is the senior beauty editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @arianayap. 

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