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If you have a Frozen-obsessed toddler who has their heart on being Anna or Elsa this year, you can complete the look with an Olaf-inspired snowman costume. DIY is also an option as you only need a white T-shirt and black marker. Bonus: If you’re still pregnant by December, you can get a second wear out of it. 


If you’re searching for something a bit spooky while also wanting to stay cozy and comfortable, pick up this easy skeleton costume. Bonus: It can double as PJs, which is perfect for a night in watching scary movies

Motherhood Maternity Skeleton Halloween Costume

Bun in the Oven

Another punny costume that’s easy to execute and can be thrown together using things from around the house, as seen here on Brooke at The Empowering Mama, or purchased online. (There are options at Walmart and Amazon.) To make it a couple’s costume, just have your partner dress as the baker while you go as the oven. 

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A Butterfly

You won’t have to stress about sizing your changing body with a one-size-fits-most option. Go to any Halloween costume shop, and you’ll be able to find various accessories for animals like bees, butterflies, and cats that work for you. We also like this butterfly cape that is worn as a cape. 

A Marble Statue 

Rihanna showed up to the Met Gala this year in museum-worthy design. While you’d need a lot of ambition, talent, and body paint to pull off this exact look at home, let her inspire you to create your own statue costume. All you need is a sheet to artfully drape around yourself! 

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