Lashana Lynch attended the Time100 Next event which took place on Tuesday (October 25) in New York City.

I have now firmly concluded that the British actress does not own a mirror.

Because if she did, she would not leave her home wearing this Fendi Fall 2022 Couture dress.

I can’t believe how unflattering this mint green dress is on her.​  ​

The colour is gorgeous, but that asymmetric detail going across her chest ​kick​start​s​ the downfall of this dress.

It cuts her under her armpit, creating an unwelcome bugle, then we get to the knotted sash at the waist which sits an unflattering point across her waist.

I hope this is the last time that I stress that Lashana needs a new ​creative team, because whoever is currently looking after her doesn’t really have her best interest​s​ at heart.

They can’t if they are allowing her to walk a red carpet in a dress which is so unflattering, and this is hot off the heels of her last unflattering dress.

I don’t want this for Lashana.  She deserves so much better.

Fendi Fall 2022 Couture

Credit: & Getty

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