So, I’m hearing that King Charles could strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their titles—in addition to refusing to grant their children HRH prince and princess titles—and now I feel silly because I didn’t even realize that was a thing he could do. I always thought that royal titles were things that you are simply born with or perhaps marry into. I did not know that they can also be used as bargaining chips to hold over your rogue relatives’ heads. My bad. 

Harry and Meghan always appeared to maintain a good relationship with his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, but relations are considerably more strained between the Sussexes and his father, now King Charles. Royal expert Katie Nicholl told GB News that if the couple are seen to be further “tarnishing” the reputation of The Firm, the gloves might come off. “We could be prepared to see the King’s ruthless side,” Nicholl noted, rather ominously. “Charles is not going to stand back and let his family or the institution or the reputation of the Crown—which is everything to him—be tarnished.” 

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Nicholl added, “[The] whole issue of titles is up for discussion.” It’s extremely possible that Archie and Lilibet will be denied royal titles, according to Nicholl. And if Charles feels the monarchy is under reputational attack, he might come for Harry and Meghan’s as well. “I think, perhaps, there might be a question mark over the future of Harry and Meghan’s titles potentially if they are seen to be deliberately tarnishing the reputation of the monarchy, absolutely.”

Seeing as Prince Harry has already been stripped of his military titles, as well as denied security for him and his family, I’m honestly not sure what impact losing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles would have. Plus, I seem to recall King Charles doing a bit of crown-tarnishing of his own back in the ‘90s. But hey, I’ve never understood this family’s rules.

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