Lori Harvey stood out on the red carpet for the 2022 Baby2Baby Gala which was held at the Pacific Design Center on Saturday (November 12) in West Hollywood, California. 

But was it for the right reason?

As much as I love her style choices, and that her team will think outside the box, I was majorly perplexed by this Off-White Spring 2023 look.

It just doesn’t make sense at this event at all.

I mean, imagine getting an invite that says, “Baby2Baby gala,” and thinking this sheer, gloved dress with pasties covering your knees, torso, boobs and never-regions as the right look for this event.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

Perhaps she got her invites mixed up, and she thought she was going to the EMAs, because that’s the only place this outfit would have made sense to me from this weekend. 

Or she was channelling the Teletubbies.

Stylist: Elly Karamoh. Hair Stylist: Ray Christopher. Makeup Artist: AnnaHart.

Off-White Spring 2023

Credit: Vogue.com & Getty

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