A palace insider tells People that Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Prince and Princess of Wales, are avoiding the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan. Although they united in the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II’s death in September, the tension between the couples has not fizzled out. 

Kate, Will, Harry, and Meghan after the Queen’s death in September. 

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

A source “close to the royal household” told People, “It will take a long time before there is harmony between the brothers. There is a lot of anger there.” The insider adds that Will and Kate‘s aides will watch the Netflix series on their behalf.

Fortunately for Will and Kate, they’re not missing much, to be honest, and their aides probably don’t have much to report. The first three episodes of the docuseries, released last week, mostly documents things we already know. Meghan Markle talks about adjusting to royal life, including the culture that is more uptight than her warm, American upbringing. Markle recalls that when she first met the Waleses, she went in for hugs, not realizing that hugs aren’t the norm for some Brits. 

Will and Kate’s aides can catch the final three episodes of Harry & Meghan on Netflix on Thursday, December 15.

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