Bits, clips, and memes from Netflix’s Wednesday have been popping up in everyone’s feeds. Whether you’re re-watching or binging it during the holidays, we’re interested in the show for a slightly different reason. The show’s star, Jenny Ortega, has shed her long Wednesday-Esque braided locks in favor of a fresh chop — a wolf cut bob. Ortega turned heads on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon not only because of her jaw-dropping outfit but because of her new cut to match. Apart from everyone being obsessed with Jenny in 2023, we also see her as an emerging style icon.

The Wolf Cut Bob

The wolf cut gained popularity for its shaggy, undone, realistic feel — pretty much what everyone wants in a haircut. Now, it’s joining forces with one of the season’s top trends (the bob) to create a superstar hybrid finish — the wolf cut bob.

The look keeps the feel of a traditional shaggy finish but also connects layers with a full weight line for a flicked finish that pairs nicely with the latest goth core trends.

How to get the look:

The latest look for the Wednesday star is thanks to her hairstylist Dave Stanwell who also named the new style. The cut almost gives off midi-flick vibes but has a more punk-rock finish. The overall shape resembles a long bob with textured ends, plenty of feathery layers, and a 70s curtain bang to tie the look together. It gives body and volume from the crown to the cheekbones and a playful finish that looks amazing with undone waves.


Products to get the look:

Because of the length, there will most likely be a healthy amount of upkeep to style this look. Blow drying with a round brush to add volume and waves and then finishing with a texture spray to rough up the feel of it will be key.

Round Brush: Sam Villa Signature Series Oval Brush

Blow-Dry Prep: Wella Professionals Thermal Image

Texturizing Finishing Spray: Redken Spray Wax


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