Couture Meets The Club: Fashioning A Dream With Valentino’s Haute Couture Collection

The house expresses their glamor through the eyes of a new generation

The house expresses their glamor through the eyes of a new generation

Within the prism of Haute Couture, the house of Valentino is a space beyond reason, a universe beyond our imagination. Here, a sphere of fantasy and freedom is explored and craft is not a fetishistic reflection of value but a means and methodology to achieve improbabilities, to challenge perceptions, to create bold new realities. Fastened to the fundamental virtue of Haute Couture, Valentino’s collection conceives an impossible rendez-vous, between the universes of Couture and the club. 

By sharing notions of polarities, a dialogue emerges marking  a synergetic, spontaneous language that is found between the lexicon of Couture and the world of nightclubbing. Through this bond, values are explored through mutual gestures of extravagance, the notion of clothes as tools of transformation, crafting a true self, a dichotomous yet dual vocabulary of display and revelation, performance through life. And, above all, a plurality of beauty, beauty as individuality, a heroic expression of inner truth made outer. 

There is a symbiosis between the characters of the club and the imprimatur of Maison Valentino, boldness conveyed through color and graphic pattern, embellishment and volume. Volant ruffles invent new architectures around bodies, polka-dots and stripes are reinterpreted through cut, forming two dimensions from three. Couture tropes are challenged through their celebration, embroideries and hand-drapes, pale pink feathers knotted with black satin bows. A play with scale magnifies details, to resonate. The glamor of Valentino is resigned, reflective of the self-expression of a new generation.

And within the egalitarian arena of the club, Couture itself transmutes ideologically: here it may become democratic, a proposition of universal enjoyment, a symbol of emotional resonance. The sign value of Haute Couture is thus transformed – Couture becomes an emblem of uniqueness, personality, identity and character, and an evocation of the purest human joy of dressing and dressing up.

Watch the full show below:

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