Soho House, Birmingham, UK

The questions

1 Who lived in Brussels at 23 quai du Commerce?
2 Where has the euro replaced the kuna?
3 Which vitamin is named from the German for coagulation?
4 Nasa’s Tess mission is looking for what objects?
5 Which drummer led the Jazz Messengers for 35 years?
6 Which learned society met at Soho House in Handsworth?
7 What is the lowest number not allocated to a UK motorway?
8 Frederick Belmont established which cafe in Harrogate in 1919?
What links:
Jenny Lind; Jenny Berggren; Nina Persson; Marie Fredriksson?
10 Andre Agassi; Phil Knight; Prince Harry?
11 1900; 1924; 2024?
12 St Kilda, Scotland; Blasket Islands, Ireland; Ambae, Vanuatu?
13 Adams; de Blasio; Bloomberg; Giuliani; Dinkins?
14 Burchell’s; Chapman’s; Crawshay’s; Grant’s; Grévy’s?
15 Lucy Munro’s face; Neville St Clair’s lip; Victor Hatherley’s thumb?

Know who met at Soho House? Photograph: Marc Zakian/Alamy

The answers

1 Jeanne Dielman (in the title of the acclaimed Chantal Akerman film).
2 Croatia.
3 Vitamin K.
4 Exoplanets.
5 Art Blakey.
6 Lunar Society of Birmingham.
7 Seven (there is no M7).
8 Bettys.
9 Swedish singers: opera singer; Ace of Base; the Cardigans; Roxette.
10 Autobiographies all ghostwritten by JR Moehringer.
11 Olympics in Paris.
12 Permanently evacuated islands/archipelagos.
13 Mayors of New York City (1990-present).
14 Zebras.
15 Body parts in titles of Sherlock Holmes stories: … Yellow Face; … Twisted Lip; … Engineer’s Thumb.

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