Dear Kate Yoga Pants

Dear Kate Yoga Pants.

Is there a Nobel Prize for yoga pants? Because there should be, and it should not be going to, the fiends who invented “dress pants,” yoga pants for people to wear to work and make their coworkers think they are wearing real pants. No, the award for best innovation in yoga pants should go to engineer Julie Sygiel, who has invented comfortable yoga pants that get rid of camel toe and visible panty lines forever.

According to the Daily Mail, Sygiel’s Dear Kate line of yoga pants is designed to be worn without underwear, but they have fancy, high-tech innovations to allow wearers to go commando more comfortably.

In the crotch of the pants, there is a reinforced fabric gusset that has a patent pending. This gusset promises to be better than underwear without the risk of camel toe or panty lines.

I mean, it’s not like I wear underwear with yoga pants anyway, but it’d be nice to have a well-constructed pair where I don’t have to worry about them revealing more than I intend when I am on my way to the gym.

Brilliant Woman Engineers Yoga Pants With No Panty Lines

The pants are also really good-looking. They have flattering seam lines along the leg, which will elongate the wearer’s figure, and a wide waistband with a hidden key pocket.

The fabric has been tested to make sure it will never pill and never be unintentionally see-through like Lululemon’s. The initial Dear Kate run includes shorts, mid-calf leggings, and full-length leggings. The project is being funded on Kickstarter.

This is obviously brilliant, and there is apparently a huge market for better yoga pants because Sygiel’s Kickstarter just went live with a goal of $15,000, and it already has more than $50,000 and nearly 500 backers with a whole month left to go. Apparently, people have been desperate for better yoga pants. Hopefully, this will get it to them.

(Photos: Dear Kate)

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