The Haim Sisters Are Living For Louis Vuitton FW23

Earlier this afternoon, Nicolas Ghesquiere took over the historical Musée D’Orsay in Paris’s 7th Arrondissement to showcase his opulent Louis Vuitton FW23 collection. There, models in light-up face shields and regal gowns sauntered down elevated runways dispersed throughout several salons while a soundtrack featuring footsteps, sirens, and airplanes added an eerily complementary effect. In the front row, modern royalty, including Haim sisters Este, Alana, and Danielle, sat poised in golden Ghesquiere designs, much different from the bondage-inspired leather pants the French-Belgian designer made for the sisters for their world tour last year. After the show, the California girls talked to our senior editor Taylor Scarabelli about their longtime love of Louis Vuitton and their plans to get drunk at the show’s after-party.


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Hi, girls! Did you love the show?

ESTE HAIM: Oh my god, we were so excited. 

SCARABELLI: It was giving, like, glam alien oligarch.  

ALANA HAIM: It was giving things that I want in my closet.

ESTE: It was gorgeous.

SCARABELLI: Where would you wear those clothes?

ALANA: Everywhere. 

DANIELLE HAIM: I think we just want the whole collection to be our new wardrobe, if we could afford it.

ESTE: The outerwear was insane, the trousers with the split knee were all gorgeous, and there was one gown that was like a corseted structural pyramid dress that was sick.

SCARABELLI: So sick! And those crazy lit up glasses–

ALANA: The glasses! Give me a lit up glass for the fall.

SCARABELLI: I want to talk to you a little bit about your fashion week experience overall. First of all, I’m wondering which of you speaks the best French?

DANIELLE: Probably Este.

ESTE: Bonjour, comment ça va, ça va bien?

SCARABELLI: Wow, that’s good, better than me honestly. Do you guys have a fashion week theme song?

ALANA: We were just listening to Sade in the car to get us in the zone.

SCARABELLI: That’s nice, Sade always relaxes me. Can you guys describe each other’s style for me?

ALANA: Okay. What’s my style? 

DANIELLE: Alana is the one to take a chance, she’s the one to wear something unexpected. 

ALANA: I feel like Danielle has always been into classic clean lines. Right?

DANIELLE: Okay, I’ll take it?

ESTE: I’m scared to hear what you guys are going to say about me…

DANIELLE: I feel like you go for color.

ALANA: And she can wear a dress like no other.

DANIELLE: Este is a dress gal.

ESTE: I love pants. I mean I’m wearing a dress today, but I feel like I’m more masculine, a little androgynous. 

ALANA: Yeah, a little androgynous.

DANIELLE: But Este can wear a gown, she has the legs for it. Legs for days.

SCARABELLI: Which of you is the biggest Vuitton girl? 

ALANA: That’s like Sophie’s Choice, we’ve been fans of Nicolas [Ghesquiere] for 20 years and we have a lot of his older pieces. 

SCARABELLI: Do you have any favorites?

ALANA: Well, the pants that we wore on our tour, they’re like these leather pants with bondage straps– 

DANIELLE: Like, zippers and buttons and a big front zipper.

ESTE: We wore them everyday on tour and they were the most comfortable pants we had ever worn. Nicolas made our tour costumes. It felt like he had listened to the album and really understood where we were coming from, so I think our favorite pieces are our tour outfits.

DANIELLE: We are definitely on Ebay looking for older Nicolas pieces, and pieces from old Vuitton collections. We have an archive. 

SCARABELLI: That’s cool. What’s next for you today? Are you going to any other fashion shows?

ALANA: No, this is it. We’re getting ready to party tonight!

ESTE: I think we’re gonna go out and dance.

ALANA: We’re so jet-lagged, so I think our journey right now is to go get drunk.

DANIELLE: People really love the Vuitton after party. 

ALANA: Everytime we go to the dance floor, everyone is dancing. 

SCARABELLI: Awww, I wish I got invited.

ALANA: You can come! Where are you?

ESTE: Are you in Paris?

SCARABELLI: Pick me up!

DANIELLE: Come on down!

SCARABELLI: Okay, last question: will you be going to any shows on the Taylor Swift tour?

ALANA: Oh, yeah! We’re opening. 

ESTE: We’re opening in July and August. 

DANIELLE: But we’re definitely trying to get to one of the shows ASAP.

ESTE: You’ll be playing a game of Where’s Waldo, but probably, “Where’s the HAIM?” at all of her shows.

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