The Balmain x evian Collab Looks Like A Taylor Swift ‘Lover’-Era Dream

A new designer collab just dropped and if you consider yourself a fashion connoisseur, Taylor Swift fan or sustainability advocate, you’re going to love this collection. Balmain and evian have joined forces for a second time to create a collection of clothing and accessories—yes, I’m referring to evian the natural mineral water company. One look at the Balmain x evian collab and you can understand why you may fall into one of the three previously mentioned categories. The pieces build on Balmain’s existing brand identity and structure while incorporating branded evian elements through the logo and a focus on the mountains. At the core of the collection is an emphasis on sustainable design and production—all while giving major Taylor Swift Lover era vibes with a soft pink and blue pastel color palette. No need to calm down because the collection just hit Balmain’s site and stores.

Olivier Rousteing, the Creative Director at Balmain, initially partnered with evian in October 2022 on a collection that debuted during Paris Fashion Week in an effort to move Balmain, and the fashion industry as a whole, in the direction of consciously creating apparel with the environment in mind. Together, Balmain and evian worked to create pieces created from plastic waste that would not otherwise meet circularity standards.

STYLECASTER | Balmain x evian Collab

Courtesy of Balmain x evian.

For example, the Balmain Blaze handbag was remade using a 3D printer, plant-based resin mix and material created from recycled evian waste.

“Balmain’s first partnership with evian helped show that sustainable practices can make for impressive outcomes,” says Olivier Rousteing, the Balmain Creative Director. “But, for me, that was only a starting point. If we want to continue creating beauty, while respecting the beauty of this planet, there’s just so much more that all of us in the fashion world should be doing now.”

Both Balmain and evian have strong ties to the Savoy mountain region in France. Pierre Balmain, the brand’s founder was born near where evian first sourced its spring water—the new joint collection builds on the peaks of the mountain range. The shades of light pink and blue in the collection mimic the reflection of a sunrise or sunset on crisp white mountains.

Though technically unrelated, the ombré designs of many of the pieces also match the aesthetic of Taylor Swift’s Lover era and album cover—a strong outfit contender for the star’s next walk through the West Village. Whether you’re curating your own sustainable designer wardrobe, are an evian water drinker or simply just love anything that looks Taylor Swift-related, you’ll want to get inspired by the pieces from the collection below.

STYLECASTER | Balmain x evian Collab

Courtesy of Balmain x evian.

Balmain x evian Swimsuit

This sporty one-piece swimsuit is perfect for a cold plunge and can also be worn as a bodysuit.

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