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Your weekly horoscope is here. Peak feels ahoy as the full moon spotlights your innermost need for relational harmony and balance. Note emotional textures as they arise around partnership vs. independence. Have you struck the perfect chord, or could you better tip the scales one way or the other? This week, tell your special ones how much you appreciate them and what they mean to you. Grace and positive praise win the day.

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of April 2 through April 8, 2023.


Thursday is the pointy end of this week as a full moon blooms in your opposite sign, designated all things bae. Expect a pull toward or focus on a significant relationship. Are you balancing your self-oriented, independent side with your need for equal and mutually amplifying one-to-ones? If someone else is doing all the heavy lifting, it may blow this week. If that’s been you, this is your call to set things back to equal. A ping to your ego or identity might reveal valuable intel, so don’t succumb to a knee-jerk reaction. Instead, reflect and decide if you need to take action and what that might be. Then, of course, take it. Aim for a fair outcome for both parties. Are you standing in your partner’s/friends’/collaborators’ shoes as well as your own? Take a look from their perspective for clarity and the best way forward.


From Monday to June 11, communication planet Mercury takes the form of the earthy, practical bull. You’ll need to put up a redirection notice until then as it will be doing its famous retrograde dance, which means an extended stay in your sign. Expect to reorient comms, how you express yourself, items used to communicate, or an important idea. I’ll keep you in the loop; however, just keep an eye on the changing winds of correspondence, contracts, etc. Is it time to upgrade your tech, ideas, or something else in your thought processing? What could be more beneficial than your current tried and true way? Thursday’s full moon lights up your work and wellness zone. Put your mind, body, spirit, health, and the routines that serve them high on your to-do list. Note a culmination at or through work. 

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