Meghan Markle’s Hiking Look Was The Opposite Of Coronation Fashion

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Meghan Markle took an alternate route over the weekend than the rest of the Royal Family—literally. While Prince Harry was away in London to attend the coronation of King Charles III, Meghan Markle stayed behind in California. Meghan Markle skipped the diamonds and decadence of the coronation for something a little more down to Earth. The 41-year-old Duchess of Sussex was spotted enjoying a sunny California day on a hike in Montecito this past Saturday with her friends Markus Anderson and Heather Dorak. Meghan Markle’s hiking look is easily the most normal (and easily replicable) outfit we’ve seen any member of the Royal Family wear all week.

In photos of the hike, you can see that the Duchess of Sussex wore a classic hiking look with a little bit of eclectic personal flair. For the base of her look, Meghan Markle chose a simple pair of black leggings. She paired the leggings with a short sleeve v-neck black t-shirt (which she rolled into a tank) and a neutral sports bra that peeked out the top. While the core of Markle’s outfit was as basic as a California hiking look could get, she really played the look up with accessories.

On top, Meghan Markle wore oversized square aviator sunglasses by Victoria Beckham and a straw fedora-style hat with black trim. She wore an olive green parka from J.Crew tied around her waist—a piece that she has been spotted wearing frequently including during the house tour segment of her interview with Oprah in 2021.

STYLECASTER | Meghan Markle Hiking Look

Courtesy of J.Crew.

New Perfect Lightweight Jacket

Markle’s exact version of the jacket is an older model but you can still get the newer iteration on J.Crew’s website for under $150.

STYLECASTER | Meghan Markle Hiking Look

Courtesy of bala.

1 Pound Bangles

Meghan Markle also wore colorful hiking socks that bulged out above her hiking shoes which lead us to the assumption that she wore ankle weights, like this pair from bala, under her socks for the hike.

She accessorized with a light pink bandana around her neck and a crystal necklace by the designer Maya Brenner.

STYLECASTER | Meghan Markle Hiking Look

Courtesy of Maya Brenner.

The crystal necklace retails for almost $500 and is called “The Clarity Retreat Necklace” on the designer’s site. It’s made out of hand-cut crystals, 14k yellow gold and features a bezel-set diamond in the center. According to the site’s description, the necklace is meant to “Help you manifest what you want in life and let go of anything that’s not working. A subtle wearable crystal piece to protect your peace…so every day can be your retreat.”

STYLECASTER | Meghan Markle Hiking Look

Getty Images.

Meghan Markle’s official reason for not attending the coronation was that she was celebrating her son Archie’s fourth birthday in California which happened to fall on the same day. Amid ongoing drama between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with the Royal Family, it seems as if Markle’s choice not to attend could be related to “protecting her peace”, as the crystal necklace suggests.

Prince Harry attended the coronation of King Charles III but did not play an official role in the ceremony nor was he invited to participate in the post-ceremony balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace. After the ceremony, he left the event alone in a car and immediately flew back to California to celebrate his son’s birthday.

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