Jennifer Lawrence Wore Loewe To The 'No Hard Feelings' Mardrid Premiere

Loewe Fall 2023

Jennifer Lawrence attended the premiere for her new film, ‘No Hard Feelings (Sin Malos Rollo)’ held at Alcalá 516 on Wednesday (June 14) in Madrid, Spain, following the photocall earlier in the day.

As much as I don’t want to scare off Jennifer’s experimental stage away from Dior, I’m struggling with this Loewe Fall 2023 bustier cotton velvet dress.

The fabric isn’t the issue – in fact I’ve strangely found myself coming around to summer velvet – my issue is twofold: the colour and the shape, as both aren’t doing anything for her.

Greta Lee presented a dress from this collection with an interesting windswept shape, but this looks like an ironing board.  A lumpy one if you consider what is going on on the right of the dress.

Going through my mental rolodex of friends of the Loewe house, I can’t picture any of them in this either, but I have to say this did have potential when I saw it on the runway.

Is this a case of Jennifer not selling it, or do you not like the dress to begin with?

Maison Ernest Lidylle sandals completed her swing and a miss look.

Stylist: Jamie Mizrahi.

Loewe Fall 2023

Credit: Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images &

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