Pink and Fabulous Barbie 2015 Robbie in Valentino

While the rest of the world has embraced Barbiecore for well over a year now, Barbie herself is finally joining us. 

Margot Robbie, who plays the Barbie in the upcoming Barbie movie, is leaning into the role off-screen as well, fully committing to the Barbie look for premieres, photocalls, and everywhere in between. No airport pap walk has been spared the wrath of pink on pink on pink

Along with stylist Andrew Mukamal, Robbie has been putting in the work to make her press tour looks as authentic as possible. In fact, several of her ensembles are piece-for-piece recreations of Barbie outfits from decades past. 

Ahead of the film’s release on July 21, we’re tracking all of Robbie’s Barbie outfits, and the iconic Barbie dolls that inspired them. 

This Barbie Pink and Fabulous

Pink and Fabulous Barbie, 2015; Robbie in Valentino

Mattel Inc/Getty Images

If Barbie owned a sports team, their colors would be hot pink, white, and yellow (Free idea, Mattel! Billionaire Sports Magnate Barbie!), because no other color combo is as instantly recognizable. 

Case in point: For a photocall in Beverly Hills, which marked the official kickoff of the Barbie press tour, Robbie wore all three of Barbie’s favorite colors, channeling 2015’s Pink and Fabulous Barbie in a polkadot Valentino minidress. Even if you didn’t know what Robbie was promoting (though, such is the marketing budget for this film that it feels impossible that you wouldn’t know), the color scheme gives it away. She’s just too fabulous!

This Barbie Is on the Go

Robbie in Bottega Veneta


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