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If you’ve ever had an idea for a beauty product but didn’t know exactly how to get it started, this program could be the ideal match for you. As the world’s #1 beauty incubator in mass, #MaesaMagicIncubator by Maesa is offering a holistic curriculum, dedicated mentorship, hands-on education and initial funding, it provides the tools necessary to build successful brands from concept to aisle.

In honor of their 25th Anniversary, they want to pay it forward. The #MaesaMagicIncubator was created in direct response to the ever-present entrepreneurial access gap and aims to empower and amplify early-stage, underrepresented voices in the beauty and wellness sectors.

The beauty and wellness industry has created an abundance of incubator programs for specific under-served populations over the past decade, but time and time again, early-stage entrepreneurs are ineligible due to a lack of revenue or inability to be shelf-ready. The #MaesaMagicIncubator program is open to all under-served communities in the pre-launch or early launch phase: an unprecedented opportunity from a company with a proven track record of defying boundaries and transforming unmet consumer needs into desirable, scalable brands.

The Facts:

Maesa is enowned for shaping brands like Flower By Drew Barrymore and TPH by Taraji P Henson. As the first early-stage incubator program specifically for beauty and wellness entrepreneurs from under-served communities, the #MaesaMagicIncubator is a response to the ever-present entrepreneurial access gap. It offers three promising beauty or wellness CPG startups that are either pre-launch or have less than $100K in sales to-date, an opportunity to partake in a 12-week intensive curriculum. This holistic program, providing mentorship, hands-on education, and initial funding of $35,000, and delivers the necessary tools to build successful brands from concept to aisle.



Details of the #MaesaMagicIncubator

Applications are now open from July 20 – September 1, 2023

Visit this page to learn more: and follow along on social media @maesa_incubatingbeauty#MaesaMagicIncubator.

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