The tux worn in the infamous the casino scenes

The fictional secret agent 007, James Bond, is known around the world for his iconic suave looks and smooth nature, his charm and immaculate dress sense has become the ideal standard for men wanting to give off a confident and sophisticated persona.

The James Bond movie franchise has been hugely successful since its launch in 1962 and budgets for each film has grown exponentially over the decades. This means that the costume department has been able to put together stunning looks in the most extravagant designer clothes for both Bond and the Bond girls, who play his romantic interest in the films.

The budget for the 2006 Bond classic Casino Royale was said to be in the region of $150 million US dollars, and so no expense was spared when it came to dressing Daniel Craig’s character or his co-star Eva Green (who played Vesper Lynd).

We take a look back at some of the most praised and memorable looks from the Casino Royale film, from Bond’s dapper casino tux gifted by Vesper to his more casual linen suit ideal for the hot climate in the Bahamas scenes:

The tux worn in the infamous the casino scenes

Beginning with perhaps the most iconic looks out of all the films in the James Bond franchise, there is the black tuxedo that the agent wears in his tense casino scenes. In these scenes we see Bond drawn into a high stakes Texas Hold’em tournament with the villainous La Chiffre, as part of his cover Vesper gives him the tuxedo to wear in order to fit in with the venue’s clientele.

This tuxedo has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts around the world, for those into playing Real Money Poker this is the look to go for when participating in high stakes formal tournaments. Players replicate the look while also hoping to emulate Bond’s confidence and masculine energy.

Italian fashion house Brioni created the midnight black wool peak-lapel dinner jacket, in fact they made multiple versions to replace those damaged when filming the action-packed scenes. The jacket is complemented by the matching black trousers with silk side seam striping.

Beneath this jacket is a crisp white double cuff shirt and black silk bow tie, both designed and made by Turnbull & Asser. The jacket has no vents and is worn without Cumberland or waistcoat for an ultra-modern look. Instead, Bond styles the outfit with white silk Albert Thurston suspenders.

The tux worn in the infamous the casino scenes

Two-piece suit worn in the Bahamas

While he may opt for ultra formal in the casino, out in the sunny Bahamas a more laid back linen suit in grey in the agent’s chosen look. Also made by Brioni, this suit has three buttons at the front of the jacket and four buttons on the cuffs.

There is a single vent and pockets with flaps. Also, the shoulders are set with a straight edge and there are roped sleeve heads.

Unusual for this type of suit is the peaked lapels, which are normally reserved for more formal attire. The trousers are full leg, given that tighter designs would be unsuitable for the weather.

They are also darted at the front and despite their linen design, remain wrinkle free throughout the scene. The suit is paired with brown suede derby shoes with two eyelets. What is perhaps controversial about this look is the black belt, as it would have been more logical to match the belt to the shoe’s colour palette.

Black suit worn by Vesper on the train

Bond isn’t the only fashion icon in Casino Royale, Bond girl Vesper Lynd impressed audiences with her sophisticated and beautiful outfit choices. One of the first scenes we see Vesper interacting with Bond is on the train in Montenegro, her outfit choice presents her as a strong and serious character whose purpose is much greater than simply wooing the agent.

Vesper wears a heavy black fabric suit in this scene. The slim cut jacket is styled with a thick leather belt and paired with long formal trousers. A love knot necklace and black leather handbag are her chosen accessories for this stylish look.

Three-piece navy pinstripe suit worn in the final scene

Finally, also worth a mention is Bond’s suit in the final scenes of the film where he is searching for the mysterious villain Mr White. This is one of Daniel Craig’s appearances in a three-piece suit with a waistcoat.

The design is navy with thin pinstripes. This jacket shows a sense of maturity and has three buttons on the front and four at the cuffs. There are wide notch lapels and a high collar cutaway, giving an overall serious and sophisticated vibe.

Casino Royale is the perfect example of high-class fashion and is a great source of outfit inspiration for occasions where you want to make a lasting impression.

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