Best Men’s Scarves for Winter to Stay Warm and Stylish

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Options for Winter’s Most Luxurious (& Necessary) Accessory

Perhaps I’m giving away my vintage, but I remember GAP’s “Give Stripes/Love Train” ad from 2002. As a result of that wildly successful ad campaign, I asked for and received one of those scarves for Christmas that year. It was dark brown with a beige block stripe, and perfectly complemented my high school varsity jacket. While, like many people, I stopped wearing the jacket after high school, that scarf stayed with me and I wore it for the next decade-plus.

Since then, my tastes have evolved and, with many of my sartorial bases covered, I’ve begun to consider higher-quality accessories. An upgraded winter beanie/watch cap. Closer-fitting gloves. And, the scarf. Acrylic and nylon versions are plentiful and cheap; some of them may even look nice. They’ll certainly keep you warm. But, that’s about it. Synthetics don’t properly regulate your body heat and actually trap it inside. This results in overheating and sweating. The moisture on your skin then gets cold…which defeats the purpose of the scarf in the first place.

A scarf is practical, yes. But, it also covers form as well as function. It’s a little something to elevate your winter fit. So, let’s consider the scarf as a vital component of any seasonal outfit and look at seven viable options for winter scarves for men.


Fishers Finery Cashmere Ribbed Knit Scarf

Uncle Jeff’s Internet Emporium is a great place to find readily-available and practical winter neckwear. This particular version is two-ply cashmere and it’ll be plenty soft for most people. Colors, at the time of this writing, are available in black, brown, navy, heather grey, a taupe-y ‘cappuccino’, and olive. As a bonus, they’re offered in a hat and scarf set, so you can choose to wear one or the other.


Ralph Lauren Purple Label Check Cashmere Scarf

Moving from utilitarian to something distinctly more luxe, Purple Label is the best of the best from Ralph. This checked scarf, in 100% cashmere, is quite large. At 80”x 20”, it might wear as much like a blanket as it would a scarf. But, going for something this big would give plenty of styling opportunities for a chunky scarf.

It helps the check is in a fantastically versatile colorway, too. You could try it in a flight jacket with a shearling collar for a more casual look, or with a camel overcoat for a dressier one.


Polo Ralph Lauren Reversible Wool Blend Scarf

As someone who values versatility in everything from jeans to ties, I have a couple reversible scarves to rotate in and out. The wool/nylon blend makes it perhaps more of a workhorse pick. It’s especially useful in the light grey/charcoal mix. Try it with a parka when you hit the slopes, or use it in medium length car or topcoat pairing.


Billy Reid Wool Ribbon Scarf

Not only can you vary pattern with scarves, but you can also vary length. This one from Billy Reid is a little shorter, and would work well paired with coats with higher button positions. Take, for example, styling with a classic Navy Peacoat as part of a capsule wardrobe where you need maximum versatility in all pieces. This one comes in merino wool and has a unique shaker stitch pattern, designed to trap heat without overheating.


HSS Green, Crimson & Orange Modern Tartan Cashmere Scarf

A scarf can also be a statement-making hero piece. With a bright, bold modern tartan pattern, our New Green, Crimson & Orange tartan stands out, but still slots well into a classic, versatile wardrobe. Made in England with 100% cashmere by Joshua Ellis, it’s easy enough to style with a gilet or field jacket for a casual weekend look, but also to dress up with our charcoal greatcoat.


HSS Dark Fawn Chalk Stripe Scarf

This is a versatile colorway, but with a little twist from the chalk stripe. Try it with a favorite black (yes, you absolutely can mix black and brown) turtleneck to really bring out the stripe. Softer, powder blues would be unexpected, but also an interesting pairing. Like all scarves from Joshua Ellis, the cashmere is cut in a shorter pile. This not only makes for a slick, luxurious feel in the hand, but reduces pilling. That’s especially helpful if you wear heavier wool outerwear, or if you’ve got coarser beard hair snagging finer threads.


HSS Chocolate Classic Cashmere Scarf

It wouldn’t be a post on this site if we didn’t have something in brown! If you’re looking for just one scarf, a solid one in a highly versatile color-like brown-might just be your best bet. Try it with the camel overcoat. Let it be a complement to something bolder. All of our cashmere scarves are 180cm x 30cm, making them long enough to style with an overcoat, but easy to tie in a whole host of ways. If I were to gift my high-school age self a scarf to go with that varsity jacket, this would be it.

The Bottom Line: Do Men Really Need a Winter Scarf?

In short, absolutely. A scarf is, of course, practical, in keeping your neck (and the rest of you) pretty warm. But, choosing one in a great fabric, like wool or cashmere, will make the investment that much better. Consider one in a classic pattern and a versatile colorway and you’ll be set for years to come.

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