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Let’s Make 2024 A Year Of Great Style

A new year inevitably comes with resolutions. Most people want to improve their life in some way each year, but how about their style? We asked our editors what their style resolutions were for 2024 and their answers didn’t disappoint.

Brian Sacawa

As I’ve mentioned recently, doing the classic menswear thing comes pretty naturally to me. Putting decent outfits together with a suit, sport coat and trousers, or formalwear is definitely my comfort zone. However, when it comes to more casual clothing I often find myself at a loss — or, at least, feeling like my casual looks aren’t on the same level or don’t have quite the same personality as my tailored looks.

HSS Founder Brian Sacawa will continue to explore his casual style in 2024.

I’ve actually put some time and effort into this personal conundrum recently. Because I know that in order to improve at anything you need to not rest on what you’re good at and lean into those things you find more difficult, last month I quite deliberately forced myself to break out of my comfort zone and try to “find” a better version of my casual style. This is admittedly much easier during the fall and winter months when you get to work in cool pieces like this, but my 2024 style resolution is to continue to explore and improve this more casual side and aspect of my personal style.

Mark Remillard

My style goal for the New Year is efficiency. I live in a New York City apartment and don’t have a lot of storage space. Since the pandemic, my dressers and closet space have swelled with clothes. That’s got me focused on efficiency in 2024, which means building a more capsulized wardrobe.

Just last week, I compiled a few bags worth of clothes to donate and have been going through some of our posts on how to build a capsule wardrobe, looking for ideas. With the new year upon us, I’m excited to see the number of pieces I have reduced in favor of quality pieces that all work together.

I find a capsule wardrobe takes the brain work out of getting dressed in the morning and reduces the friction between my desire to dress well and the need to get ready without spending an hour or so matching patterns, colors, formality, and so on.

John-Paul Stuthridge

My 2024 style resolution is pretty simple and straightforward. The most salient realization and, therefore, resolution for me is to wear those special items more commonly, not saving them for ‘special occasions’ – to make the outfit make the day.

Johan Wikström

My 2024 style resolution is to incorporate more black into my wardrobe. Like many others, I’ve steered clear of black, especially in suits, as I mainly associate them with very formal events and not being as versatile as say navy or gray.

However, this past year black has increasingly found its way into the wardrobes of many sartorialists and I have been very inspired to give black a go. I think black looks especially good in more casual fabrics like linen. However, I also want to try and incorporate black into my knitwear, denim and, perhaps, even a few coats.

Tony Gorga

I’d like to be in a position where I’m able to get my first fully bespoke suit. Obviously, there’s the investment factor, but a large component is bringing back the muscle mass I once had. So, the resolution is twofold with the same end.

Drew Chambers

Every year I keep something of the same resolution, which is to wear everything that I own at least once. My little trick is that I go through my entire closet and hang all my garments facing one direction, and after I’ve worn them I hang them back up facing the other direction. After each season I take a look at the clothes from that season and see if something has been unworn. No matter how expensive it was or how cool I thought it was, if I haven’t worn it in a six or 12 month period (depending on the specificity of the garment), it’s time to donate it to someone that will get more use out of it.

What’s Your 2024 Style Resolution?

Whatever your style resolution is this year, we are here to help guide you. Share your Here’s to the New Year and spending some time, in style, together!

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