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A full week and a half after attending the Super Bowl with Taylor Swift, Blake Lively has finally given the people her full recap of the event. Because posting day-of is for people without kids.

On February 20, Lively dropped a Super Bowl photo dump to her IG grid, complete with head-to-toe shots of the look and a lengthy caption. Apparently Lively doesn’t own any Chiefs merch, but she did dress in all red Adidas to show her support for her bestie’s boyfriend’s team. The actor layered her slouchy tracksuit jacket over a white sports bra top, with matching stiletto pants. As in, the pants are attached to the stilettos, making them combination-stiletto-pants. Or “shants,” if you like.

Blake Lively/Instagram

Lively loves her some chunky jewelry, and for the super bowl, she wore layers of gold necklaces, a pair of thick bangles, and a chain bracelet with two “best friends” charms—one for Deadpool and one for Wolverine in honor of her husband Ryan Reynolds—dangling from it. This is what athletic wear looks like when you’re a fashion girlie and also a very good wifey.

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