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Some people look for meaning in the zodiac. I am looking for meaning in Jennifer Lopez’s zodiac-themed dress. For the This Is Me… Now: A Love Story premiere in Los Angeles on February 13, JLo wore a black Zuhair Murad couture gown featuring the names and symbols of the 12 astrological signs embroidered in metallic silver on the sheer skirt.

The dress, with its plunging neckline and matching velvet gloves, is gorgeous. But still, the zodiac thing is a detail so specific, and yet seemingly so random, that it demands explanation. We know Lopez is a major astrology girly, but that can’t be the only reason she’s out here repping star signs on the red carpet. Can it?

ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

As a matter of fact, the zodiac plays a meaningful symbolic role in This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, the visual accompaniment to her latest album. Per Us Weekly, there are multiple references to astrology in the film, including a “zodiac love council” comprised of the 12 astrological signs who pull literal strings from the stars and guide The Artist (Lopez) through her journey of the heart. One can only assume that Jennifer Lopez’s dress is a reference to the zodiac guides featured in the film.

This film, by the way, meant so much to Lopez that when financing dropped out, she funded the project herself, per The Hollywood Reporter. And the whole story is an interpretation of Lopez’s own much-discussed love life and eventual marriage to Ben Affleck.

So, in a way, it actually is that Lopez is just that big an astrology girly.

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