Coperni's latest bag is made from the lightest solid on Earth

Coperni Paris has released a new accessory that is making its rounds on social media.

The viral bag, if you can even call it a bag, is The Air Swipe Bag. The design itself is a continuation of its “swipe to unlock” icon-inspired leather bag that is normally priced at USD 760. Shown with an unboxing backstage, The Air Swipe Bag for Fall/Winter 24 is made of a very special material developed by Professor Ioannis Michaloudis and used by NASA.

Appearing like a ring of acrylic material, the nanomaterial silica aerogel is the lightest solid on planet Earth and is made of 99% air and 1% glass. Used by NASA to capture stardust, the silica aerogel can withstand extreme heat up to 1,200 Celsius, and while non-fragile, the delicate material can resist pressure of 4,000 times its weight.

The Air Swipe Bag by Coperni is 27 x 16 x 6 cm in size and weighs just 33 grams. With this bag, a new milestone for the material was reached as this “bag” is now the largest object ever created using the nanomaterial. There is no news on whether it will be sold, but based on how it was presented in a padded Pelican hard case, it might not be that practical for everyday use.

(Main and Featured Image credit: Coperni) 

This story first appeared in Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong. 

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