Sydney Sweeney Wore Balmain To The 'Immaculate' LA Premiere

Between the prom gowns and bridal-inspired dresses, I have been waiting for something different from Sydney Sweeney.

We all know she is a gorgeous woman with an amazing figure, but many of us wanted to hear another chord on that banjo, because not every bombshell moment needs to be a predictable one.

So, I was delighted to see that transpire at the Beyond Fest premiere of ‘Immaculate,’ where Sydney wore a Balmain Fall 2024 top featuring an elaborate sculpture of two arms coming together to hold a large bouquet of flowers, proving that she can be a sartorial tour de force.

Opting to keep the understated elegance of the runway trousers was a smart move as this top demands your undivided attention, plus it serves up an ideal contrast.

Marrying fashion with avant-garde art without trying too hard to be edgy was such a refreshing change of pace from her usual look.

Stylist: Molly Dickson. Makeup Artist: Melissa Hernandez. Hair Stylist: Glen Oropeza.

Sydney Sweeney Wore Balmain To The 'Immaculate' LA PremiereSydney Sweeney Wore Balmain To The 'Immaculate' LA Premiere
Balmain Fall 2024

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