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If fashion week was any indicator, everything from smooth and sleek to big and voluminous blow-dried hairstyles are trending this season. So whether you’re a pro or are brushing up on your blow-dry skills this season — we’re letting you in on a few must-have tips and product picks to get the most out of your blowout.

The Top Blow Dry Techniques of 2024

First, Repair.

The prep work that goes into a great hair day starts long before you pick up a blow dryer and a brush. To get the most out of any style, it’s imperative to build a healthy hair routine that focuses on repair.

For this reason, adding Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate to your hair care routine is essential. Choose from Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, Conditioner, Lightweight Liquid Conditioner, 5-Minute Liquid Mask, and Leave-In Treatment to add to your daily routine.

By incorporating this line into your regimen you’ll notice hair that is repaired, strengthened and conditioned. If you’re only going to pick one product, reach for the fan-favorite Acidic Bonding Concentrate Leave-In Treatment. As a #1 best-selling treatment, it is amazing for all hair types and has the ability to combat 1 year of visible damage in 1 use* for an 88% visual reduction in split ends*** leaving hair 10x smoother*** with 2x less breakage****, making it an easy add-on for your hair routine.

Then, Add Shine.

Name one person who likes dull hair… don’t worry, we’ll wait. While shiny hair is one of the top trends of the past few seasons, this element is a staple to any hair care routine. In addition to enhancing your color with vibrancy, shiny hair has the ability to instantly look and feel healthier.

Whether you’re looking to create glass-hair or simply want to elongate your hair color results, Redken Acidic Color Gloss is a must-have system to add to your routine. With a sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner that improves condition and pH balance and an Activated Glass Gloss Treatment that delivers salon-like shine, this system increases color vibrancy for up to 32 washes to protect against dullness and fading. Plus, with a dedicated Heat Protection Treatment, your blowout routine just got that much easier.



Choose Your Finish

After layering Acidic Color Gloss Heat Protection Leave-In or Acidic Color Gloss Leave-In, reach for a dedicated styler to help you complete your blow dry. While everyone has their favorite, we love Redken Spray Smooth, Big Blowout or Quick Blowout this season, here’s why.

Spray Smooth is the ideal choice when looking for a smooth, silky, sleek blow-dry. This spray is easy to apply and works hard to block out frizz so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

Reach for Quick Blowout when time is not on your side, but you still want a flawless finish. This lightweight spray can easily be layered over your favorite leave-in to speed up any style with added heat protection and a smooth, soft feel.

Big hair dominated the runways this year, so if you’re looking to create a big, bouncy blowout — Big Blowout is a must. This volumizing jelly melts into the hair giving heat protection and gorgeous volume with a silky finish.

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