woman lacing up fashion sneakers

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Spring has officially “sprung,”and we’re switching out our winter wear. While you’re stowing away your sweaters and heavy jackets, you’ll also want to take stock of your attire for warmer weather, including your selection of spring shoes. And according to stylists, you may want to consider investing in certain pairs if you don’t already have them in your closet.

“Season changes are a great time for revisiting and investing in your style—spring, in the northern hemisphere, signifies waking up after winter, growth, nature blooming, and gives you a beautiful moment to let your personal style blossom and flourish,” Holly Chayes, personal style coach and consultant at Who Wears Who?, tells Best Life.

She continues, “Investing in your shoes is vital in every season because they support your entire body, [but] investing in spring shoes is especially important because it can be so tempting to get shoes that look cute but don’t offer proper support—invest in shoes that are cute and supportive!”

Ready to update your spring shoe game? Read on for stylists’ eight must-have options.

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woman lacing up fashion sneakers
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Sneakers are no longer reserved just for the gym—in fact, they’re now essential for any quality capsule wardrobe.

Chayes points out that a fashion sneaker is “wearable in practically every season,” and petite style coach Angela Foster also notes that retro versions are particularly trendy this spring.

“Think Adidas and New Balance from the early 2000s,” Foster says. “They pair especially well with spring dresses. Then, add a pair of lacy or sheer slouchy socks and you’ve just mastered high-low dressing.”

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pointed toe slingback kitten heelspointed toe slingback kitten heels
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Kitten heels are the perfect option to dress up a look or go from day to night, as they add elegance without the discomfort of a sky-high heel.

“Pointed-toe, sling-back kitten heels are the go-to heel of the season,” Foster says. “And because they can be worn with absolutely everything, from jeans to more traditional career wear, they are a super smart investment.”

Foster recommends the Larroudé brand for a metallic silver style. If you shy away from the more “classic” and “traditional feel,” check out Funny She Jill instead.

“The amount of options with this season’s top embellishments—like bows and flowers—makes it nearly impossible to choose just one,” Foster says.

platform sandals pinkplatform sandals pink
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Next up on Foster’s list are “flatforms,” which pack so much into one look.

“There are so many good things to be said about this trend and if you have to pick just one closet update, this should be it,” she says. “[Flatforms] have the height of platform sandal, the comfort of a sneaker, and the versatility of a kitten heel all rolled into one.”

You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an option while you’re out shopping, but Foster has specific recommendations depending on your needs.

“For those looking for something more casual, check out Reef. The array of sorbet color combinations will have you marking the days until you can get to the beach,” she shares. “For women who like a more fashion-forward version, Simon Miller’s Platform Bubble Wedges make a huge statement and are available in all the hot colors and metals of the season.”

If you like the Dr. Martens brand, you can also check out their Voss platform sandals.

“Just like his boots, they have a variety of sole heights so you can control the drama,” Foster says.

woman wearing platform wedgeswoman wearing platform wedges
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Even if you’ve decided on flatforms, don’t skip the platform trend altogether.

“For women who demand some added height but a more stable shoe, platform sandals continue their popularity,” Foster says. “Kurt Geiger has a whole array from metallic to bedazzled and will give new life to any spring fashion you’re recycling from last year.

For a sandal you won’t worry about in the event of a sudden spring shower, Foster suggests waterproof options from Melissa Shoes.

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fashionable black rainbootsfashionable black rainboots
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Speaking of April showers, Chayes also puts rain boots on her list of must-have shoes.

“The key to spring shoes is cute variety with one eye on practicality because the weather can be so different day to day,” she explains.

She continues, “Don’t forget rain boots: Whether these are true rain boots, boots that you’ve dedicated to wearing in the rain, or rain boots that are more often than not a mud-boot, a cute rain boot makes rainy spring days so much better—and it’s easy to forget these essential spring shoes until it’s too late.”

gold metallic sneakersgold metallic sneakers
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If you find that you gravitate toward neutrals, spring is the time to experiment with some neutrals, especially in the shoe department.

Foster specifically recommends red as “an easy way to add a pop of color,” as well as green, which is fun in any shade.

“Green is making a huge splash this spring—everything from bright Kelly green to rich hunter green,” she says. “Hunter green turns into an unexpected neutral when paired with pastels, creams, and white.”

Also, metallics are a solid choice, whether you prefer silver or gold.

“[Both] can be found in everything from sneakers to kitten heels,” Foster says.

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textured slip-on shoetextured slip-on shoe
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Another must-have this spring is a shoe with a bit of texture.

“Raffia, cane, and woven or braided leathers make even the most traditional shoe feel fresh and light,” Foster says.

Just be sure to check your weather app before you wear your textured kicks out and about.

“The April showers can be hard on them and make them look tired and worn before their time,” Foster cautions.

tan loafers with silver accenttan loafers with silver accent
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According to Chayes, classic flat shoes or loafers are great options after you’ve been bundled up in boots and thicker shoes for months.

“A classic flat or loafer is a nice break for your feet after a winter a boots, but before it’s warm enough for sandals,” she says.

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