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Whoever is doing Butter’s PR has done a phenomenal job. From butter boards to bulletproof coffee — the popularity of butter has never been better. And while it has easily taken the culinary world by storm, it’s taking an unexpected turn into the world of hair trends with great effect. Enter: The Butter Blonde hair trend – a.k.a summer 2024’s hottest hair color. 

The Butter Blonde Hair Trend Explained


While we always veer towards the sunnier shades come summer, butter-yellow trends have been seen all over the runways this year and are sure to make a splash this season. In addition to being a yummy, creamy alternative, the color yellow also brings with it a sense of optimism and hope.

When it comes to hair, banana peel blonde used to be what everyone aimed for, but now it seems as though butter blonde has officially taken over.

Butter blonde is a yellow-blonde hair color that leans warm, not brassy and ranges from pale blonde to deeper honey tones. It’s like taking sun kissed brunette shades and turning them up a notch.

How To Get The Look

The beautiful thing about this creamy, yellow tone is that with the right prep and finish, nearly every skin tone can wear a version of it, and come summer we’re sure to see everyone trying their hand at it.

To get the look, you’ll want to bring pictures of the shade and style you’re after. Whenever going lighter the placement plays just as much a role as does the shade. Once you determine this, your stylist will most likely use a balayage or foil method to brighten your hair. Then, a gloss will most likely be applied to get the final tone and will be used periodically to keep your tone in check.

How To Keep Your Blonde Buttery

In addition to regular gloss and glaze treatments, adding bond-building treatments and regular deep conditioners is ideal. Focus on hydration through every stage of cleansing and styling and pick up a heat protectant.

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