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As a hairstylist, you can gain inspiration from almost anything. From the seasons changing to the color of your coffee, and sometimes from fellow hairdressers. This was exactly the case when in Milan, Sam Villa, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken saw stylist Toni Pellegrino, Redken Brand Ambassador for Italy, doing a genius color technique. The technique, called Flou Color creates volume around the crown of the head, fringe, and face framing layers.  See the technique below and follow along for a few pro tips to recreate the look.


Flou Color: Step By Step

The technique requires a Sam Villa Signature Series Tail Comb and a 1-1.5” piece of Velcro with glue on one side cut to the length of the spine of the comb.  Center the spine on the stick part of the Velcro and wrap sides equally around comb.

  • Take a section with the tail of the comb and hold in hands.
  • With the Velcro side of the comb, backcomb 1-2 times for soft color and 3 or more times for stronger color.

The Velcro picks of very fine pieces of hair allowing both the illusion of depth and volume as well as the perfect amount of alteration to the cuticle to fluff it up.  The color is soft and appears to be floating.

Sam Villa Signature Series Tail Comb


As a road warrior Villa is constantly meeting new people and discovering new techniques from abroad, as well as locally.  For even more inspiration, tune into Instagram to keep up to date.

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