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Jennifer Lawrence seems to prefer neutrals to neons, at least if her New York City street style is anything to go by. Often, when she’s photographed running errands or taking her son Cy for a walk in his stroller, she keeps a low profile in shades of brown, black, or navy, sometimes all at once. This is a woman who puts the “quiet” in quiet luxury.

So it was all the more surprising when on April 11, Lawrence was photographed carrying a banana-hued handbag while taking a stroll. Thank goodness she was wearing sunglasses, am I right? I mean, her bag is literally brighter than the caution tape in this photo:


To finish off the unusually sunny ensemble, Jennifer Lawrence matched her goldenrod camisole to her Vans sneakers, making it very clear that this whole yellow thing was not an accident, but a choice.

Silhouette-wise, Lawrence stayed true to her easy spring-time formula, wearing a black cardigan buttoned at the top, straight leg blue jeans, and an olive green trench coat.

As a fellow New Yorker, I might hazard to guess that Lawrence’s gravitation toward warmer hues on this dreary spring day is part wishful thinking, as though by dressing like the sun, one might coax him out from behind the clouds. If this was the case, the actor was, sadly, unsuccessful.

Ah, well, at least we’re not in London!

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