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Meghan Markle, who unveiled her new lifestyle brand in March with a glitzy Instagram video and new website, ramped up promotion for the label in April as she sent out 50 jars of jam to friends across the US. Those who received the jam included reality star Kris Jenner, actor Mindy Kaling and model Chrissy Teigen, who all shared snaps of the jams on their social media pages, sending out messages of thanks to Meghan for the gift.

Pictured: the package sent to Tracy Robbins. Each gift included a ceramic bowl filled with lemons, flowers and, of course, Meghan’s jam

The clear jar featured a cream white packaging, which showcased the gold American Riviera Orchard logo, apparently written in Meghan’s own handwriting. The duchess also appeared to have handwritten the specific number of each jar onto the packaging—apparently hinting at the exclusivity of the jam. Each jar was delivered in a ceramic bowl, decorated with lemons and white flowers—as well as a letter personally written by Meghan. So who are the 50 insiders who received a jar of the sweet stuff? Read on below:

This gallery first appeared on Tatler.

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