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In men’s fashion, wearing trendy and high-brand clothing is not enough to look stylish. For a chic look, you need an outfit that makes you look confident, elegant and with attractive details that speak about your taste. So, what are the qualities of a stylish man? Today, you’ll discover the habits that make a man look stylish.

Confident About What They Wear

Indeed, all the confidence is what actually makes you look good. Of course, you might have bought a superfine suit just now but the only thing necessary is if you feel comfortable or not wearing it.

Being fashionable has nothing to do with expensive dresses. A fine-dressed man never forsakes comfort to look the best. A stylish man familiarizes himself in terms of what he wears and who he is, plus he’s confident in whatever he puts on. So, if you don’t feel comfortable in some of the outfits, go for the comfortable one. Polo shirts are one of the relaxed and stylish options that never go wrong if styled correctly!

Wear What Fits Them Best

Young people everywhere today might have their own unique style of dressing. They are definitely not restricted by fashion seasons, current or past. They express themselves through their own unique sense of style and their smartness and that’s probably the number one aspect of good style.

Not a single piece of clothing doesn’t fit well, and even if you spend a lot of money, it won’t make you look as elegant as a well-fitting article of clothing. Therefore, the fit is king: always go for that outfit that fits you the best.

The stylish man cares about the perfection of the clothes he owns. For instance, he will ensure the pants he wears do not mismatch the shoe type. The concepts of fit and style are highly developed, and everything they have learned follows these rules.

Embrace Timeless Classics

Although fashion trends appear to be short-lived, timelessness is the only trend that will never fade away. No matter if you think about the basics of your wardrobe or want to create an enduring style, polo shirts give you freedom and the foundation to build your worship. The uniqueness of the polo shirt is in its versatility.

No matter if you wear it with tailored trousers and loafers for a more formal look or with jeans and sneakers for a casual vibe, it is a perfect staple of every well-styled wardrobe.

Rather than trendy shades, go for classics such as white, navy blue, black, or grey that will always seem modern and clean and that match perfectly with any outfit.

Pay Attention to Details

Giving attention to small details can upgrade your look from an ordinary to a fashionable style. Go for polo shirts with minimal embellishments but that have sophisticated additions like contrast trim, embroidered logos, or pearl buttons, as these make the design more attractive while not overpowering it.

Why not use your polo shirt in layered clothing, such as a blazer or sweater, to add complexity and elegance to your outfit?

Accessories such as a cool watch, a leather belt, or classic sunglasses can be a real highlight of your outfit and have people notice the carefulness you put into your attire.

Quality Over Quantity

To be as stylish when building up the wardrobe, quality must come first, ahead of quantity. Aside from investing in pieces that are sturdy and well-made, you will also feel good knowing that you are paying for premium materials that will contribute to longevity, durability, and superior styling.

Pick polos made from superior fabrics such as Pima cotton or mercerized cotton that boast of excellent fabric properties, including ultra-softness, outstanding breathability, and durable wrinkle resistance.

Use Neutral colors as Clothing Base

The neutral-colored high-grade clothes are a perfect mix, match, and garment assembly because they make it easy to put together a subtle and sophisticated style.

Wide use of neutral colors, like white, black, gray, navy, cream, and green, should be your main choice when you are choosing your wardrobe. The core apparel components in this tone make a long-lasting look that you can be confident in.

Wardrobe Reflecting Lifestyle

A fashionable man is not only dressed on the edge of the trend but also has a composed collection of clothes.

If you are in a creative position and the workplace is usually more casual rather than formal, don’t go overboard with smart-looking three-piece suits daily. The art of being smartly put together and tailoring these ideas for your lifestyle would lead to more meaningful selections than a cupboard full of 3 piece suits just because James Bond wears them.

Develop your own taste, and don’t let it be the other way around. Create your wardrobe around your lifestyle.

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