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Welcome again to the weekly Guardian news quiz that veers wildly between intricate topical questions about geopolitics, general knowledge, science, and asking you to put in order some indie albums from the 1990s, depending on how emotional and nostalgic the quizmaster was feeling at the point of writing it. And that is half the charm. There are no prizes, but let us know how you get on in the comments

The Thursday quiz, No 161

  1. 1.Rishi Sunak’s damp election announcement was soundtracked by protesters playing what in the background?

  2. 2.Argentina’s populist president, Javier Milei, hasn’t been making friends by suggesting the wife of which European prime minister is corrupt?

    Javier Milei

  3. 3.The French overseas territory New Caledonia has been in the news after riots left people dead and Australia and New Zealand planned to evacuate tourists as a consequence. Emmanuel Macron announced he would visit. But what is the capital of New Caledonia ?

    Emmanuel Macron

  4. 4.An actor who is the heir to Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate via her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, has filed a legal complaint against a private investment firm, alleging that it is attempting a “non-judicial” sale of the home. Who is she?

    Fans queue to visit Graceland

  5. 5.A very rare feather (not pictured) has sold at auction for £22,000 ($28,300/€26,000). What type of feather?

    Feather headdress

  6. 6.Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz, loathes golf with a passion. But help her out with the drama that ensued at the US PGA Championship at Valhalla this weekend by sorting this out …

    Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz, photographed by Emma Belam

  7. 7.One question about every country taking part in the Euro 2024 finals this summer, which will now clash with the UK general election, thanks. This week: Today is the anniversary of the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany, which was known as West Germany. When?


  8. 8.Which UK-based used-car website once valued at £6bn has collapsed into administration putting 200 jobs at risk?

    A car

  9. 9.Last week Plaid Cymru leader Rhun ap Iorwerth ended his party’s cooperation deal with the Labour-led government in Wales. How does Plaid Cymru render its name in English?

    Rhun ap Iorwerth

  10. 10.You’ve always wanted to pass GCSE citizenship studies, right? Try this one. Children are taught that the country of Oman is different from the UK because it has an absolute monarchy. Which of these statements about Oman that children are told is untrue?

    The Sultan of Oman

  11. 11.It is the anniversary of when Joan of Arc (are you sure about this picture – Ed) was captured by Burgundian troops at the siege of Compiègne. Which year?

    Andy McCluskey

  12. 12.The Charlatans (known as The Charlatans UK in some territories) are far too nice to duff you up behind the bike sheds after school, but they will be disappointed with you if you can’t put their first four albums in the correct order of release. Which of these is it?

    Tim Burgess of The Charlatans

  13. 13.Which symbol do scientists use to denote the Newtonian constant of gravitation, also sometimes known as the universal gravitational constant or the Cavendish gravitational constant?

    The Earth

  14. 14.Liverpool football club has confirmed that it is replacing Jürgen Klopp. Who with?

    Klopp and his teeth

  15. 15.Kabin Crew & Lisdoonvarna Crew are some Irish children having a moment in the viral internet sunshine after their song amassed 8.6m views in a matter of days. What is it called?

    TikTok logo

If you really do think there has been an egregious error in one of the questions or answers – and can show your working – feel free to email [email protected], but remember the quizmaster’s word is final and there is a new The The single to listen to instead.

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