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Ah, body mists: the ultimate fragrance nostalgia for every millennial perfume lover. Remember the days when we all religiously stocked up on our ride-or-die Victoria’s Secret mists? We sure do.

Whether you want to admit it or not, long-lasting perfumes don’t always hit the spot. Sure, you’d probably want to reach for a fragrance with a punchier and lasting scent for a special event or a night out, but what if you’re after a lightweight mist to spritz straight out of the shower or just before you head out to the office? Enter: body mists, the airy cousins of colognes and eau de parfums that are making a well-deserved Y2K comeback.

But unlike the 2000s, today’s body mists are everything but predictable. Gone are the over-the-top sweet fragrances and sickly scents with a flat profile. Instead, we’re met with more complex and sophisticated blends that will charm even the fussiest of tastes. Think: fresh citrusy, romantic floral, gourmand, warm, spicy, playful summer scents, and everything in-between.

The best body mists, at a glance

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Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist

What is the difference between body mists and perfumes?

Although body mists and perfumes are from the same fragrance family tree, they’re far from identical. Perfumes are usually applied once (or twice, at most) a day and have much more pungent lingering power, while body mists are designed to use as a top-up, for when your perfume has either worn-off or if you wanted to try scent-layering to create your own unique signature scent.

Another big difference is the price point. Perfumes range from affordable prices under $50 all the way up to the more premium three-figure numbers (take the $116 MFK Baccarat Rouge 540, for one). Meanwhile, body mists and hair mists are a complete different story. Their main charm is their inexpensive price tags and larger bottles, meaning that when you inevitably run out, the re-purchase won’t hit your bank account as hard as it would with a luxury perfume.

That being said, the biggest struggle is choosing one among all the countless options available online. Perfume shopping is already challenging on its own, especially when you take into account the fact that we (sadly) can’t smell through our screens.

The good news is that the Glamour beauty team has trialled hundreds of body mists throughout the years and has quizzed many perfume noses to bring you the ultimate roundup of the very best scents available right now. From #PerfumeTok-approved favs from the likes of Sol de Janeiro to the freshest launches from Phlur and all-time-classics from Dior, The Rituals and Tom Ford, we’ve put together a selection that will please every budget and preference. So if you’re ready to channel your Y2K body mist era, get scrollin’.

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