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If you’re looking for a brunette version of the beloved Butter Blonde hair color trend, Butter Bronde is quickly becoming the toast of the town this summer! The look is defined by a sun-kissed, natural tone that can be tailor-made for you. The finished shade can be honed based on your preferences with a mix of dark blonde, brunette, golden hues, and light blonde. Here, we dive into the trend and why everyone will be eating it up this summer.

The Butter Bronde Hair Color Trend

Butter bronde captures the feeling of your hair spending a week lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun and then flaunting its sun-kissed glow.

But you won’t have to spend hours basking in the sun, this look can be expertly crafted by your stylist by blending a variety of butter brown shades to sit perfectly on the lighter end of the bronde spectrum. The result? A natural-looking finish that’s the perfect mix of depth and brightness.

Why We’re Obsessed

Have you seen Beyonce lately? In addition to being a celebrity favorite, it’s versatile, flattering, and oh-so-easy to maintain. The golden and light blonde tones add a touch of sparkle, while the darker blonde and brunette shades provide a rich, multi-dimensional base that can be adapted to anyone.

Plus, let’s be real—who doesn’t want hair that looks like it’s been kissed by the sun every single day? Butter Bronde is all about that laid-back, effortlessly glam vibe that we all crave, especially during those long, lazy summer days.


How to Get the Look

  1. Consult with a Pro: This isn’t a DIY job, darling. You need a skilled stylist who can blend the shades to perfection.
  2. Blend, Don’t Chunk: The key to Butter Bronde is in the blending. You want those butter blonde strands to be finely spun and strategically placed. Chunky highlights are a no-go for this tone.
  3. Maintain the Glow: Keep your color fresh and vibrant with regular gloss treatments and deep conditioning masks. Sun-kissed doesn’t mean sun-damaged, so protect your investment!
  4. Embrace the Natural: The beauty of Butter Bronde is in its natural look. Let your hair air-dry, embrace your natural texture, and enjoy the effortlessly chic result.

How to Keep the Look:

Protect Your Tone: Biotop19 Pro-Sliver Shampoo

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Style With Bond Care: Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

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