It has been a very busy week, and Venice Film Festival feels like it was a month ago, but I couldn’t end the week without giving a special thanks to Jodie Turner-Smith who gave us one of the most impressive runs during a festival that I can remember.

For me it was about the variety, the colours, the accessories and ever changing hairstyles.  Each look told its own story.

This could’ve easily been a Gucci-fest, which thought it was going to be considering her close affiliation with the Italian brand, but with her stylist Wayman and Micah they delivered so much more.

I think by day one, many of us had already crowned her the Queen of Venice Film Festival, but by the 10th day it was confirmed.

The bar is set so high that film festivals might never be the same, but we’ll at least have these memories to fall back on.

Grazie, Jodie. 

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