Riri is officially back, and we’re all better for it.

Riri is officially back, and we’re all better for it.

It’s been almost four months since Rihanna announced her Super Bowl LVII halftime show performance via Instagram hard launch, and we haven’t stopped thinking about the viral moment since. What songs will she perform? Who will she bring on-stage? Is there new music on the horizon? With her sudden plunge back into the music business after taking the fashion and beauty industries by storm, the buzz around Riri is real. To top it all off, Apple Music just debuted the mogul’s official halftime show trailer, and it’s so good you’ll watch it more than once.

Image courtesy of Apple Music

Adorned in a black jumpsuit with an oversized yellow shaw that demands attention, Rihanna seductively walks down a dimly lit runway to the tune of reporters, fans, and critics wondering when, and if, she will ever recommence her successful music career. While different voices fade in and out, one notes loud and clear that it’s been six years since Rihanna, a nine-time Grammy winner, dropped an album. 

Silencing the chatter with a well-manicured finger lacquered in chrome pink polish, we get a front row seat of her unforgettable beauty moment, composed of turquoise eyeshadow, glossy pink lips, and a geometric updo. Her statement jewelry, including large and small hoop earrings, multiple rings, and a chunky chain necklace embellished with large crosses, glistens and gleams throughout the 30-second trailer. As the sound of a roaring crowd begins to swell, Riri finishes out the trailer by dancing to her hit song “Needed Me.” And she’s absolutely right, we did. 

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