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Life is all about self-expression. Whether through your fashion choices, your career path, or the music you listen to, your preferences tell others a lot about your personality. And one of the most popular forms of self-expression that spans time, culture, and geography is the art of tattooing. For centuries, people have adorned their bodies with tattoos as a way to express their uniqueness and where they come from. But when you can choose absolutely anything to ink on your body, the decision can feel daunting. So, why not turn to astrology for guidance? Whether you’re looking to represent your star sign or you’re just looking for inspiration, this is the tattoo an astrologer recommends you should get, based on your zodiac sign.

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Lauren Ash is a professional astrologer, culture expert, and writer based in St. Louis. She is a regular contributor to Best Life, StyleCaster, Mane Addicts, NYLON, and Reader’s Digest, among others. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or read her blog for monthly horoscopes.


There’s no one more self-assured than you, Aries. As the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, you’re used to acting quickly on your passions and don’t fear failure.

To prove you’re not afraid of taking chances, you’re likely to want a big and bold tattoo displayed on a prominent part of your body—like something very illustrative or a full-arm sleeve filled with vibrant hues. And if you’re looking for inspirational subject matter, an anatomical heart tattoo is the perfect way to show that you live life with your heart on your sleeve (quite literally, in this case).

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You’re not impulsive, Taurus, so any tattoo you get will come only after you’ve spent adequate time planning. Although many people see you as the stubborn type, you’re actually a secret romantic. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and aesthetics, you’re a sensual and sweet individual who’ll prefer a simple and elegant tattoo over something too flashy.

Embrace your sentimental earth sign nature with a beautiful botanical tattoo. These timeless designs not only showcase your love of nature, but since every plant has a different symbolic meaning, you can choose the perfect flower to represent your personality.

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Two friends having the same paper airplane tattoo on their ankles.
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Geminis are free-spirited and extroverted. As the sign always looking for the next thrill, you’re the type to get a tattoo on a whim. You’re drawn to simple yet artistic styles, like those featuring line art, because they remind you of your own whimsical nature. But as the sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, it’s also important to you that your tattoos have a deeper meaning.

Design-wise, it’s a safe bet to get a tattoo that represents your zodiac element, air. Birds, clouds, balloons, fairies, or even a butterfly all highlight your desire to be free and reach new heights. But we think you’ll be drawn to a minimalist line tattoo of a paper airplane.

celestial tattoo

Cancer is the crab of the zodiac, but there are plenty of ways to embrace your sign other than getting a tattoo of a crustacean. Like most water signs, you are a bit moody (or, shall we say, crabby) at times, but there is a fiercely protective and passionate side to your personality that you feel deeply connected to.

Therefore, you have an affinity for tattoos that embrace emotion, romance, feminine aesthetics, and soft, smooth lines. And what better subject matter for your tattoo than something celestial-inspired, featuring all the stars in the night sky alongside your planetary ruler, the Moon?

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sun tattoo

Some areas of life demand a bit of subtlety, but getting a tattoo isn’t one of them. And being the most extroverted member of the zodiac, you have a swagger that naturally draws attention.

Of course, the most obvious choice for your zodiac tattoo would be a bold lion with a glorious golden mane. However, if you’re looking for something more artistic, why not embrace your planetary ruler and get a tattoo featuring the Sun? Whatever design you choose, try to incorporate red or orange ink to embrace the energy of your zodiac power color.

tiny quote tattoo

Just like fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, you like to think before you act, Virgo. So, you aren’t likely to head to a tattoo shop until you know exactly what you want on your body (with photo references from Pinterest, of course).

As for what style you’d like best, all the options can seem overwhelming. That’s why you’re likely to go with something timeless and sentimental, like a carefully selected quote from your favorite book, poem, or movie. After all, you’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and the written word. These delicate designs can be placed anywhere on the body, allowing you to keep them as visible or private as you like.

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bug and butterfly tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, you’re more interested in expressing your creative side than you are in getting something trendy or cool. As the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and aesthetics, it’s important for everything in your life to showcase both beauty and balance.

To capture this, opt for a realistic-looking tattoo like that of a butterfly. Not only will this add the bit of beauty you crave, but the butterfly also symbolizes your need to explore your freedom and transform with life as you grow. Aim for a shoulder tattoo with an intricate design that’s both elegant and timeless.

black and gray tattoo

Scorpio has a special love of tattoos. You’re comfortable with change, and you often go through several phases in life as you learn and grow. For you, tattoos are the chapters of your past lives accumulating in perpetuity.

As a water sign, you’re likely to get a deeply meaningful tattoo, but you’re not likely to share with others what it means. You’re moody and mysterious, and sometimes it’s fun to indulge in this darker side. That’s why blackwork tattoos, with their deep and rich shades of black and gray, are sure to delight. And if you’re looking to embrace your sultry side a bit, why not get your tattoo on your thigh or hip for an added bit of spice?

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Arms of guy in red shirt and tattoo stretched forward towards mountain
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You like to be where the action and adventure is, Sagittarius. Fueled by passion and fire, you’re associated with qualities like courage, curiosity, and independence—and that’s not without reason. You like to explore your passions and embark on all of life’s adventures.

In astrology, your sign is represented by the archer, which makes tattoos with arrows and archery symbolism very popular. However, you’re also quite the world traveler, so a tattoo featuring a mountain, travel coordinates, or even a camera that captures your wanderlust spirit are perfect choices. Although this tattoo would look great in any aesthetic, the funky patterns and unexpected colors in New School designs will help your tattoo stand out.

tree tattoo

You’re not someone who goes around bragging or flaunting your success, Capricorn. Although you work hard to accomplish things in life, you don’t feel compelled to show off. The same goes for your tattoos. You’re more likely to get a single, well-designed (and expensive) tattoo that makes a statement.

As a lover of all things traditional, there’s no design style more fitting than Old School. These tattoos feature bold black outlines and a muted color palette, which allows the quality of the line work to shine through. And as someone who understands the importance of grounding yourself and taking time to grow into your best qualities, a tall, rooted tree would be a good design choice.

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alien tattoo

Aquarius is an eccentric sign, which makes choosing the perfect tattoo a bit of a challenge. As an air sign, you want something meaningful and inspirational, but as the zodiac sign under the influence of rebellious and chaotic Uranus, you’re not looking for something common or expected.

You’ll find abstract tattoo art appealing. Whether big or small, simple or intricate, the most important thing for an Aquarius is to have a tattoo unlike anybody else. This sign is the most likely to design their own ink to ensure their artwork is truly one of a kind. Space-themed tattoos and aliens are your go-to’s.

water tattoo

Since you’re the mutable water sign of the zodiac, you’re a bit hard to understand, but you’re also a hopeless romantic. You like tattoos that emulate your whimsical style and evoke a feeling of artistic dreaminess.

Watercolor tattoos make you feel like you’re wearing a piece of art that’s come to life. Anything that features water elements or sea life makes a good design for you. And when it comes to colors, why not stick with the aquatic theme and try something with bright purple, turquoise, and sea foam green?

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