Anne Hathaway & Zendaya Star in Bulgari’s Magnificence Never Ends Ad Campaign

Bulgari brand ambassadors Anne Hathaway and Zendaya star in the 2023 Magnificence Never Ends campaign which is directed by Paolo Sorrentino and captured by fashion photographer David Sims.

The campaign embarks on a never-ending pursuit of magnificence, capturing the hidden marvels and unique sentiments that transform each day into something extraordinary.

Rome serves as the picturesque backdrop for this ceaseless voyage of discovery, providing an endless source of inspiration for the brand.

With its fusion of different eras and styles, the Eternal City has profoundly influenced Bulgari’s diverse aesthetics, breathing new life into the house’s distinctive designs, gemstone combinations, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

In return, the breath-taking High Jewelry masterpieces worn by Bulgari’s muses embody astonishing beauty and boundless emotion.

They become tangible expressions of wonder, inviting others to continually seek out new forms of awe-inspiring magnificence.

Anne Hathaway looked beautiful showcasing the Bulgari High Jewelry necklace with the radiant brilliance of the Diocletian Garland earrings wearing a classic Sergio Hudson power suit.

Zendaya was enchanting wearing the resplendent Bulgari Mediterranean Sapphire necklace.

The stunning piece, embellished with dazzling blue gems, harmoniously complements her elegant Khaite Beth ribbed-knit midi dress.

Credit: Bulgari / David Sims

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