Eva Longoria Tries Oversized Trend For The ‘Flamin' Hot’ Q&A

Eva Longoria Tries Oversized Trend For The ‘Flamin' Hot’ Q&A

Eva Longoria attended the ‘Flamin’ Hot’ Q&A held during the 2023 SCAD Savannah Film Festival at the SCAD Museum of Art Theater on Tuesday (October 24) in Georgia.

There comes a point during a trend when I have to utter the words.


In the space of seven days, we have seen this oversized suit trend thrown under a bus, revived, then thrown right back under it again.

The oversized trend is back, but the hits to misses ratio for this trend cycle is weighing heavily on the misses this time around.

Eva is a petite woman, but this trend is not exclusive for taller women.  I mean, the Olsen twins made the oversize clothes their look for decades.

So how would this look be improved on Eva?

I think this look would have been improved had she selected just one oversized piece instead of going down the everything all at once path.

In this case Eva should have just worn the oversized blazer, and selected fitted pieces for the rest of the look.

Do you agree?  Or should she not have attempted this trend at all?

Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for SCAD

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