Lush, The Brand of the Moment for Beauty Lovers

Lush, The Brand of the Moment for Beauty Lovers

Lush is a beauty brand founded at the end of the 90s. Since then it has maintained its values ​​and vision well defined.

The cosmetics brand stands out for its effective, natural and fresh products. At the moment, natural products occupy a very significant part of the collection, ranging from hair products to shower products, not forgetting body and face care and fragrances. Furthermore, they are not tested on animals, which is a big advantage for us.

Lush brims with creativity, read on to discover more about the brand!

Snow Fair: Lush’s Most Iconic Shower Gel

In fact, there is a story behind this shower gel, which beautifies the product even more. An eleven year old created this bestseller.

Its sweet cotton candy scent enchants everyone. Last year, it was desired by many people, with the brand selling the equivalent of 1,500 full bathtubs!

LUSH Snow FairyLUSH Snow Fairy
LUSH Snow Fairy

The iconic scent of Snow Fair was created eighteen years ago by Lush’s Global Head of Retail, Claire Constantine, daughter of Lush’s co-founders and product inventors.

“When I was about 11, my Mom and Dad brought home an unscented pink shower gel. I found it in the bathroom and told them I loved the color but it needed to smell like candy fluff and my favorite perfume. This product was renamed ‘Snow Fairy’ and is now our best selling Christmas product year after year. I still love it to this day!” said Claire Constantine.

Claire Constantine, Global Retail Director of Lush

Year after year, the beauty brand receives requests for this special shower gel to be sold all year round. So, in 2023 the brand decided to launch it earlier, and it is now available!

Nudesse chair koket Upholstery Nudesse chair koket Upholstery

This product brings us the joy and sweetness of cotton candy and bubblegum, making it a festive shower gel for many women around the world. In addition to being distinguished by its wonderful smell, it is a fresh artisanal cosmetic.

This year you don’t need to wait until Christmas to buy it, take advantage and SHOP ‘SNOW FAIRY SHOWER GEL’ now!

Words by Sílvia Oliveira

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