Comeback Queen, Film Festival Queen, Most Consistent, Best Dressed International Star Of 2023

If you love high fashion, and unadulterated glamour, you love Fan Bingbing.

Seeing her back on the red carpet has been one of the highlights of 2023 for me.

Her first mini comeback kinda went under the radar as she went the tailored route, which was an interesting change of pace, but not really what we were expecting.

But this year, it felt like she was on a mission to reclaiming her crowns:

Red Carpet Queen, Queen of Cannes, Best Dressed International Star and Most Consistent on the red carpet.

Not only did she complete her mission, but I would also say she exceeded expectations.

There was no film festival her platforms didn’t grace; Berlin Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, San Sebastian Festival, Busan Film Festival and Singapore Film Festival.

I am very much looking forward to her doing it all again in 2024. 

Styled by Wish Gui桂菁鸿 & Christopher Bu.

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