2024 makeup trends

Lips have been stealing all the attention lately with lip liner and gloss combos taking off, alongside peptide treatments, oils, and sheer lip stains. But the pretty “glazed blush” trend—that we’ve noticed taking off across the pages of our favorite makeup artists and TikTok—will shift the attention north to our cheekbones.

We’ve seen glazed skin go viral, and glazed nails are a beauty movement in their own right, so it follows that attention has turned to blush. “I think we will see the texture of blushers get more glossy and balmy, to give a more hydrated appearance,” pro celebrity makeup artist Diane Buzzetta predicted in Glamour UK’s 2024 makeup trends forecast.

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Just as glazed nails took a classic (milky nails), then updated it with an extra glossy top coat; glazed blush takes traditional blush shades (pinks, peaches, berry and coral), but pairs it with an ultra fresh, glowy update that falls somewhere between a blusher and a dewy highlighter.

But it’s not just the finish of our blush that’s getting a glow-up, it’s the impact too, with bolder renditions that look seriously covetable and wearable. Case in point: the ultra flushed glazed blush created by makeup artist Melissa Hurkman. In the caption, Hurkman was kind enough to share that model Alexis Carrnington was wearing the Patrick Ta Major Headlines Double Take Creme and Powder Blush Duo in the shade “She’s Baked.”

When one user asked “was there anything else used to create that wet glowy dew??? It’s so pretty,” Hurkman responded: “just the cream blush over the powder blush and a TINY bit of the [Patrick Ta] glow balm.”

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